Swimming Pool Start

For those of you wondering how a swimming pool start of a triathlon or aquathlon looks like here goes one from Wetshop beginners tri.

An Expensive Ride

Bike rides are supposed to be cheap, right? Just bring some water and 200 pesos and you're good, right? Well sometimes you need more than 200 when you happen to chance upon a bike shop or want to try more than a tapsilog or pancit on ride stops. But this one never entered my mind and it's quite an expensive ride.

triathlon philippines
A wooden gazebo for a garden project by my buddy - bought on a whim

My friend Pong saw a wooden furniture maker beside the highway and we stopped over to see their stuff. I immediately fell in love with the sofa set made of 'maulawin' an endangered wood specie and he had his eyes on a gazebo that's a perfect fit for his garden project - needless to say we had it delivered to our address after some haggling. 

bike ride
A excellently built 'maulawin' set is hard to pass at a right price

Run United 2 2013

June 2, 2013

Mall of Asia

Hydration Stations:  Excellent. There were enough for the whole 32K. Well manned with plenty of water and gatorade, some stations have bananas.

 Route:  Flat and a bit boring with Macapagal Boulevard and Roxas Boulevard as the main streets used. Well lit even in places that were supposed to be dark the organizers provided generator sets for lighting.

 Cheering:  It started too early and I never bothered to wake up my family in our hotel room.

 Traffic Management: From my point of view it was superb.

 Kilometer Markers:  Markers on every kilometer.

 Marshals: There were enough at every key areas, even security personnel.

 Singlet:  Better than most.

Medal: Excellent

 Freebies:  Unilab Products. Photo booth. Game booths. Concert.

 Injuries:  None, fortunately.

The Bad:  The start is a bit too early for my taste. 

Run United 2

view from my hotel room beside MOA: I think that building is Solaire
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