Running Back To My Roots

July 17, 2016
10K Fun Run

There are races that no matter how many years have passed still stayed true to its original route. I can recall two, the NAGT Subic and almost every local fun run just like this where I joined so many times when I was just starting. This is a 10K run course where many local organizers used as their default route for practical reasons, it starts at a mall, the traffic can easily be controlled on Sundays, and it is easily accessible to participants.

The run route is an up and down, out and back course. It is a little bit over 10 kilometers and my usual total time here was 46 minutes. This latest run is no different, I finished in......... TADAA! 46 minutes.

Tri United 2 2016

July 3, 2016
Subic Bay and SCTEX Tollway
2K - 60K - 15K
Swim Bike Walk :)

Printed with the finisher's name

Saturday, July 2, 2016 claimed race packet at SBECC

Booths at the registration area

 Photo wall near the entrance

 Bike check in outside ACEA Resort

Dinner with Puro Tri Team

 For breakfast and bike nutrition 

South view from my bike

North view

A big relief from the topless guy on the left :)

It's nice to be on the first wave, the rack is still full

The girl on my back and me were overtaking each other for the most part of the bike course

Walkers all during the run leg

The moment I saw this my legs came alive

Nope that wasn't me

Medals booth

This is where we claimed our medals because we have our names in those

Bang the gong if you have exceeded yourself

For race course map and race results - CLICK HERE
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