Train Easy... Race Hard

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Let there be more races to come!  HELLO 2013!

Most Satisfied Race in terms of result and organization:  ADIDAS KING OF THE ROAD - it made me realize that I can carry the speed to some extent. 16.7K run in 1:17

Most Sufferfest Race:  NAGT Leg 1 Subic - My first open water swim was horribly slow and my ITBS was at its max, both legs were hurting for 9K.  1.5k-40k-10k in 3:08 at the back of the pack

Most Fun Race:  ANIMO Sprint Tri - Without much training I didn't try too hard but got a very pleasant surprise time of 1:58 good enough for 5th place in my age group. 900m-30.2k-7.1k

Most Ridiculous Race: An aquathlon organized by college kids for their project requirement - with a distance of 300m swim followed by 800m run they might as well just excluded the run portion.

Longest Race:  White Rock Triathlon - 2k-91k-20k

Most Humbling Experience Race:  a local 12k run - with less than a hundred participants I was sure I'll land in the top 10 if I can survive the first 6k of uphill run but with a run time of 60m I came in at 44th meaning most guys and gals were running at speeds more than 12 kilometers per hour!

What I Learned: Part 4 Training

1.   There are a lot of training plans which you can follow.  Some may not work but there’s always more than one plan or program that will work for you.
2.   Don’t hurry on your base training.  It takes more than a year to reap its benefit to the fullest.
3.   Do what you think your body can absorb.
4.   Gradual progression in both intensity and duration of workout is the best way to not get injured.
5.   Progression can wait.  You are not required to go long you are just having fun.
6.   Remember that in triathlon half the time is spent on the saddle.  Get those bike legs burning.
7.   When it is too cold to swim, do not swim.
8.   Know when to stop and rest.
9.   Periodization can help.
10. Know your nutrition plan.
11. Warm up by doing your workout slow and easy for the first 5 to 10 minutes.
12. Sign up for a race that can motivate you.
13. Have a workout diary.  Monitor your progress through the record that you logged in your worksheet.
14. Do not be overconfident with your work schedule, something may come up and you may not find a time to train.  Be prepared for this kind of thing.

15. Getting a coach should always be considered.

Training for 2013 Season Starts... NOW!

Off season rest is over guys.  With 7 weeks before the 1st National Age Group in Subic it's time to swim, bike, run, recover towards a new PR.  And the best time to start is today not tomorrow.  And for a slow rider like me it's got to start with a ride of course.  Happy Holidays and happy training!

After a 50K plus ride ending at a small seaport

What I Learned: Part 3 Triathlon

1.   It is better to start at the front.
2.   I use shorter strokes when the water has strong waves.
3.   I put my goggles strap under the cap.
4.   I wear Speedo Jammers instead of tri shorts.
5.   Few triathletes swim with bare torso.  I’m one the few.
6.   I always think I am forgetting something when leaving transitions 1 and 2.
7.   I find it better to come early and have a good parking space and not stress about the whole process of pre race rituals. (timing chip, marking, briefing, bike transition, picture taking etc.)
8.   More than 50 percent of the race is spent riding the bike.  I got used to getting passed by.
9.   I never used my cycling shoes even at the White Rock Triathlon.  I bought the pedals and shoes specifically for WRT and future races but I wasn’t comfortable with it.
10. I mark my wrist with my goal time for T1 exit, T2 exit and finish time.
11. Transition 1 takes forever to complete.
12. The run leg is always tough to anticipate; I don’t know when my ITBS will be there to accompany me.
13. No matter how many times I say to myself to get ready to smile when approaching the finish line, I still forget to do so at times.
14. It is always a pleasure to see the marshals guiding the triathletes.
15. Triathlon events are very well organized in general.
16. I have never done any long run, long swim, and century ride yet.
17. A very big THANK YOU to the photographers on site sharing their photos.

What I Learned: Part 2 Running

1.   The price of registration of fun runs seems too high.
2.   Hydration station is scarce compared to tri and dua events.
3.   I don’t get it how a lot of participants like to have finisher’s medal.  I’d rather have plenty of water stations and correct kilometer markers.
4.   Quality of singlets and finisher’s shirt could be improved.
5.   Not enough portalets along the route.
6.   Just like the start of a triathlon I’d rather be in front while waiting for gun start.
7.   My feet have very thin and smooth skin.  It’s always a problem if the run gets longer.
8.   It is nice to run on the road with marshals guiding the runners.  I can appreciate the view better this way.
9.   There’s no need to break the PR every time there’s an event.
10. Runners in front of me motivate me to run faster.
11. I’m excited to do long runs in 2013 something that I didn’t do this year.

What I Learned: Part 1 Duathlon

1.   The second run in a duathlon is the most punishing run I have ever experienced.
2.   Doing modified one legged squat and leg raise exercise can help in strengthening leg muscles specific to duathlon.
3.   Since I am a slow rider I put everything on the run.
4.   On my first race I wore a tight fitting racer back undershirt on a cold morning and I froze.  Now I wear muscle shirt instead.
5.   I always end up 20 minutes off the leader in our age group.
6.   Road humps are the enemies.
7.   With many triathlon events cropping up I might not join a duathlon again.  The second run is just too much for me.
8.   Hydration station is always abundant in supply of both water and energy drinks in this kind of race.
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