The Grind by Nico Serrano

This is a piece I received from Mr. Nico Serrano from the Facebook page.

The Grind by Nico Serrano: 
Everyday we work towards our ultimate goal, for runners the goal is to finish each race with a better time, beating their previous best at all cost. These individuals put in hard work to get better and get stronger. Behind the grandeur of all the medals and accomplishments is where they build their foundation, what people don’t see are the hundreds if not thousands of kilometers these athletes go through every training day so that they could be better. 
What these individuals have is the understanding of the bigger picture, building habits that lead to becoming a more well rounded athlete and individual. They understand that a 100% commitment to whatever you invest your time into is something important and should be taken seriously.
The idea of creating habits and laying the foundation for the future is something that can be taken and borrowed from these runners. The dedication to better oneself and their vision is a trait that should be paralleled, however most people often neglect it. The habits and the ability see the bigger picture can be adapted to financial planning.
Financial planning and preparation is often ignored by young professionals who start earning, they often don’t see beyond their next paycheck because of the you only live once or YOLO mentality that they often see in the media. Thus, planting the seeds now for a better future isn’t a top of mind ideology but is essential to the future of young professionals.
Though financial planning and running might seem like two totally contrasting behaviors, the drive and commitment needed to succeed in both are more paralleled and intertwined than most people realize. The ideology of building habits, such as waking up everyday at 5:00 am to run 5 kilometers might seem like an absurd and unrelated reality to someone who will start financial planning and saving. However, the all-in commitment of sacrificing now because it will be better in the future is present in both.
The underlining truth is, both undertakings don’t get results overnight. Reaching your goal of finishing a marathon isn’t just a mindset, but an investment of both time and action; a runner has to think of small goals before finishing a full 42-kilometer marathon. Financial planning is an action plan centric activity, where starting with small increments of savings and executable action plans is a key step to achieving the ultimate goal of financial freedom.
All the sacrifice that is put in to bettering yourself will translate to every endeavor that each and every individual will do. Planning for the future might not be as sexy as buying that new phone or that trendy leather jacket, but if you think about it, these items are want items and are not essential items. Sacrificing now for your financial future is making sure that you’ll never go back and say I should have started earlier.
The reality is, financial planning for young professionals is challenging because of the world that we live in now. The world of social media always keeps us connected and when we scroll through it our friends seem to always be having fun, frequently going on trips, partying, and just generally enjoying the now. Nonetheless, undertaking the challenge of financial planning is a must because if you don’t start planning now then when. In the end, running and financial planning both involves giving up some comforts now so that you’ll have a great foundation for the future and win at whatever you choose to do. For runners this involves getting faster, which would result in getting more medals, for young professionals saving some now so that they will have a financially secured future.

Deja Vu

Last Sunday, July 12, I went to a 10K fun run. It was my first 10K run of this year, one where I can guesstimate my current running fitness. The route was an all too familiar up and down, out and back 5K stretch with 90 meters of elevation gain going to the turnaround point. I had run this course more than any other race routes. 

Waiting for Zaldy to cross the finish line

The weather was ideal for running, cloudy that is. The runners were few and familiar. The organizers were the usual running club. The warm up leader was the same person as my first fun run back in 2011. Even the race briefing was done by the same person as my last try here. It was deja vu!

At the Start/Finish line

When it started I jumped like a rabbit, my first kilometer was over in just 3 minutes and 45 seconds. I knew it wasn't my pace so I had to back off significantly.  Before the turnaround point at close to the 5K mark I saw the top four runners were already way ahead of me. Well that's what runners do, they leave me in their dusts. The fun and suffering lasted for 45 minutes.

after a 10k run
Hamdesal and Pancake for Breakfast

Around this time of the year in 2014 I ran an easier 10K course in 46 minutes so I guess I'm in a better shape right now but still a long way to go before becoming marathon ready.
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