Deja Vu

Last Sunday, July 12, I went to a 10K fun run. It was my first 10K run of this year, one where I can guesstimate my current running fitness. The route was an all too familiar up and down, out and back 5K stretch with 90 meters of elevation gain going to the turnaround point. I had run this course more than any other race routes. 

Waiting for Zaldy to cross the finish line

The weather was ideal for running, cloudy that is. The runners were few and familiar. The organizers were the usual running club. The warm up leader was the same person as my first fun run back in 2011. Even the race briefing was done by the same person as my last try here. It was deja vu!

At the Start/Finish line

When it started I jumped like a rabbit, my first kilometer was over in just 3 minutes and 45 seconds. I knew it wasn't my pace so I had to back off significantly.  Before the turnaround point at close to the 5K mark I saw the top four runners were already way ahead of me. Well that's what runners do, they leave me in their dusts. The fun and suffering lasted for 45 minutes.

after a 10k run
Hamdesal and Pancake for Breakfast

Around this time of the year in 2014 I ran an easier 10K course in 46 minutes so I guess I'm in a better shape right now but still a long way to go before becoming marathon ready.

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