Subic Bay International Triathlon 2019

Subic Bay International Triathlon 2019
1.5K Swim - 40K Bike - 10K Run = 2 hours 38 minutes

“Welcome to Subic Bay” Tunnel

Seoul Restaurant Subic
Lunch at Seoul Korean Restaurant 

Race packet
Race packet pick-up at Subic Bay Exhibition and Convention Center

Met an IronCouple from Quezon Province

Transition 2 bags - Remy Field Transition 2 area

Mini Expo at the Convention Center

Bike test
Bike Test at the airport

Bike test before heading to Transition 1 

SuBIT 2019
Transition 1 at ACEA

Dinner at the convention center - I did not eat here

Early morning ride to Transition 1

After the race - 😊 chaos in claiming the transition bags

Lunch with Puro Tri Team while waiting for the transition bags

Age groupers

1.5K Swim = 32 minutes
40K Bike = 1 hour 11 minutes
10K Run = 49 minutes

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