Road To IM Instagram Posts #roadtoIM

These are some of my Instagram posts prior to Ironman Philippines to motivate myself during training.

26K morning ride - photo taken on Heros’ Lane. Felt some tightness at the back of my left knee but generally felt good on my way to #NAGT except for the swimmmm of course #notoswimming #triathlon #roadtoIM #day8

I wouldn’t normally swim in cold waters but #NAGT is fast approaching and ME 😅 scared of the first leg, something’s got to give 🧜‍♀️🚴‍♀️🏃‍♂️ #triathlon #notoswimming #roadtoIM #day11

Blessed with a light drizzle, am wearing 3 layers and a bonnet running at a community park. Next week will be the #start of my 20 week training program for #IMsubic but first lezgetiton #NAGT #notoswimming #triathlon #purotri

Getting my feet wet....... again brrrrr #notoswimming #triathlon #roadtoIM #day15 🧜‍♀️🚴‍♀️🏃‍♀️💪🏻

When you only have time for a late night run 🌙 it took me almost 2 hours what most normal runners would finish in 1 hour 😅 at least I’m glad to have a workout... a very slow workout... 😊🏃‍♂️ #notoswimming #triathlon #pinoytriathlon #roadtoIM

As I was doing my usual long ride 10 days before an event something bizarre happened... I got hit by a truck and ended in a hospital 🚴‍♀️😰 the bike isn’t ok but the x rays are negative #triathlon #notoswimming #DNS

National Age Group Triathlon medal #triathlon #finisher

First training ride since the accident. I’m still pedaling, mileage would probably be around 55K. Just admiring the rice field in today’s route. 🚴‍♀️ #notorunning #roadtoim #triathlon

Friday training ride: my supposed 120K ride was cut short to 65K by a sudden lack of interest due to laziness 😅 but still a very fruitful morning ride #hello #triathlon #roadtoim #notorunning #notoswimming

Felt more comfortable in the water than last month. No intervals yet but I’m getting there 🤗 ... hoping for a much better swim in April #triathlon #subit #roadtoim #notoswimming

Today’s turn around point; a church in a remote village. #triathlon #roadtoim #notoswimming #subit

90K ride on a sunny day outside the city. Prepping for an IM makes my skin DRY 😅 happy training! 🚴‍♂️ #triathlon #notoswimming #roadtoim #pinoytriathlon

One sunny morning - view from my swim training venue. My pink bike deserves a ‘color’ post 😅 #triathlon #notoswimming #roadtoim #pinoytriathlon

Having an upset stomach throughout the week meant I have to change my workout goals and alter my bike routes to a shorter distance from home or TOILET 😅 #triathlon #notoswimming #roadtoironman #pinoytriathlon

A short and relaxing ride still within the bounds of my city. Recovering happily from yesterday’s long run 😊 #triathlon #roadtoironman #pinoytriathlon

Red Soil Sauna - having aching muscles on my chest and upper back means 😉 some spa time #triathlon #roadtoironman #recovery #pinoytriathlon

Back on the saddle - just happy to have my neck 🤣 back in its healthy state, I’ve ridden my roadie for just 40K as a precaution #triathlon #roadtoironman #stiffneck #pinoytriathlon #cityride

This happened on Good Friday - visited 7 churches with my roadie as part of an annual tradition 🤗 #roadtoironman #triathlon #pinoytriathlon

Off the beaten path - as I took a rest on my 90K ride I stumbled upon this nice looking pathway 😊 #roadtoironman #triathlon #pinoytriathlon #mtbcourse #hardpack

Biking near the seaport is such a relaxing ride. Fresh air of the sea breeze await. Four days before Subic International Triathlon and I’m just excited to test my gains in training for an IM. #roadtoironman #triathlon #bike #pinoytriathlon

Transition 1 - bike check in at T1, wasn’t expecting it to be a short line but I guess the timing of IM Subic this coming June has to do with it #triathlon #roadtoironman#t1 #enjoytherace #pinoytriathlon

Almost but not quite... 2:39 is all I got after a horrific swim, just seconds off of a podium finish actually but gained some knowledge on the bike leg which I can use in future races. Exceeded my expectations and happy to have raced here 😉 #SuBIT #roadtoironman #triathlon

Short morning stroll with my Brompton - checking the riverside where a new bridge is being built... I just finished most of my training goals with still a month before Ironman Subic Bay #brompton #roadtoironman #triathlon #chillax

Morning run on a really hot day 😅 saw this on kilometer 7, can’t wait for IM day June 3 MOOOO #roadtoironman #triathlon #jogging

2 weeks before Ironman PH 😊 I think I could rest now and wait for race day with less mileage and more foooood... and of course fewer super hot days like this #roadtoIRONMAN #triathlon

Final workout for Ironman PH, a 1.2K swim before packing my gears and stuff. I think IMready 😊 #ironman #raceweek #triathlon

5150 Subic Bay 2017

5150 Subic Bay 2017
June 4, 2017
1.5K - 40K - 10K

Regent 5150 medal

Start Of The Run Leg Just Outside Remy Field

Pinoy Triathlon
Finish Line Area At The Oval

Outdoor Shower

With Teammates Lloyd and Kevin - StickMan lacks quad muscles

triathlon time

Not Bad But I Was Expecting A Better Swim And Run Splits

I always have trouble with sighting especially on a counter clockwise route.
This is a rolling start and is potentially a problem for those who 
are racing for a podium finish. 

This is an easy and scenic route but the rain made the 
turnaround point near Transition 2 slippery,
too slippery in fact for some participants.

This is a flat course and I'm thinking I could run at least 46 minutes for the 10K 
but thinking is so much overrated ;) it's always way faster than reality.

All In A Day Before Race Day - 5150 Subic Bay 2017

Road Trip With These Ateneans - They were laughing at my Spotify song choices

Meal Stop at NLEX

Subic! Here We Are - This tunnel was part of the IM 70.3 Subic Bike Route

Lunch At Pepper Lunch

5150 Schedule Of Activities

Race Packet Pick Up At Subic Bay Exhibition And Convention Center

Bike Check In At ACEA Hotel Parking Area - 
Orbea Aluminum Road Bike Frame, Dura Ace SL Wheelset, Shimano 105 Groupset 

Claiming The Timing Chip - It rained and we got wet; 
there could be a better way of distributing the chips. Hello!

Carbo Loading Venue

Dinner at Seoul Korean Restaurant - Highly Recommended

Summer 2017 - Run, Aqua, Bike Events

April 2 Fun Run - I placed 2nd in the 10K category, it was one of those days where the frontrunners got lost, we never saw the turnaround point and exceeded the distance

Aquathlon Event on April 9, 2017 at Ouan's The Farm, Lucena City

Preparing the buoy lines in the 25 meter pool

summer events aquathlon
Race briefing

Few participants but almost everybody is competitive... except me ;)

Free breakfast being served here after the event

Awarding!!! Half Of The Field Got A Podium Finish :)

Quezon Ultra Distance Cycling 2017 - April 29, 2017

Kalilayan Bridge
At The Kalilayan Bridge In Unisan, Quezon

At the 25th Mile

SAG To the Rescue - This Father and Daughter Tandem Is Leaving Me In The Dust

All Smiles at The Finish Line at Quezon National Agricultural School

 Post Race Meal Inside The School Canteen
Results - The 3 Of Us Were Initially Registered In The 100 Mile Category But Due To Rein's Injury We Can Only Participate In The 50 Miler
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