Beginner's Guide

Beginner's Guide to Triathlon

Mini Sprint
Super Mini Sprint
Sprint typically 750m - 20K - 5K
Standard or Olympic.  - 1.5K - 40K - 10K
Local Tri King Distance - 2K - 60K - 15K
I.T.U Mid Distance O2- 3K - 80K - 20K
Ironman 70.3 or Half Ironman - 1.9K - 90K - 21K
Ironman - 3.8K - 180K - 42.195K
Xterra Offroad Triathlon -  approximately 1.5K - 30K - 10K

Swimsuit or trisuit
Water resistant wrist watch

Road bike
Race belt
Hydration bottles

Running shoes

Power meter, Tri bike, Cyclocomputer,  Swim cap,  Heart rate monitor,   Cycling shoes,  Gloves, Sunglass,  Aero helmet, Aero wheels,  Tri running shoes,  Fuel belt,  Compression clothing, Cap

For beginners in all 3 disciplines I would suggest to start with 2x swims per week, 2x rides per week , 2x runs per week and gradually add another workout per sport if you have the time.  Try to have an easy workout that will last from 25 to 45 minutes per session.  Focus your training on form and technique.  If you can hire a coach please do so.  For the first year of training try to stay at your aerobic pace (heart rate of 180 minus your age) or 60 to 75 percent of your 5K max run.   Do some strength training if you have the time to do so.  Rest appropriately.  Remember to focus on proper technique as doing the wrong one is a way of programming your body to mess up. More importantly, enjoy your workouts, be consistent and avoid getting injured by planning your recovery days.

Things to Consider in Training: Safety, Consistency, Workout Intensity and Duration, Scheduling of Workout, Places to Train, Proper Nutrition, Recovery, Form and Form Under Fatigue.

Things to Consider in a Race: Safety, Realistic Goals to Determine your Pace, Race Nutrition, Gears and Attire, Enough Sleep Prior to Race Day, Mental Fitness, Anticipation.

Tip: If you are a couch potato or aren't fit enough to do all three sports just do one sport that is more comfortable to you just to get in shape. If you like swimming more than cycling and running then you can start with only swimming workouts to enhance your fitness.

Big Thing To Remember: We have different goals, fitness levels, training availability so be patient. Others will do an IM distance on their first year but most people will attempt at a 70.3 within their first. Others will go for a time of 2 hours 30 minutes on a standard distance but most people won't even come close to it. You are in a better position to gauge yourself and race accordingly. In the end we'll all be smiling at the finish line.

Search for multi-sport races that you would like to join in local tri websites like Bike King Philippines, GoClark Events,, Triathlon Association of the Philippines, Trisports Solutions, Ironman Philippines FB. If you know how to swim and is reasonably fit, you can do a mini sprint tri or sprint tri with little training specially if the swim is to be held in a pool. Familiar races in the local scene include Tri United Series, GoClark Events, National Age Group Series, 5150 tri races, SuBIT, Ironman 70.3, multi-sport series,, Philippine Duathlon Series, Tabuelan Triathlon, PowerMan Duathlon and Mount Mayon Tri. Signing up for a race can motivate you to train, so assess yourself, be realistic and register for a multi-sport race.  Don't forget to smile at the finish line. :p

Race Day: - depends on the organizer
Claim race packet
Strap the timing chip - if one is provided
Get body marked
Check your bike, gears, nutrition
Attach stickers
Prepare race belt and number
Go to transition area
Don't forget your goggles and swim cap
Wait for your wave to start
Start confidently
After swimming go to transition area and get ready - helmet, glasses, etc.
Push your bike to mounting area
Ride your bike on mounting area
Roll easily and try to build speed then settle
Be alert on your ride - road, marshals, turning point, fellow athletes
Slow down before approaching the dismounting area
Enter transition area - do not unclip the helmet strap before you park the bike
Prepare to run
Start running cautiously - feel your legs while doing short steps at a bit slower pace
Try to get running faster after 5 minutes, if you can
Cameras are waiting at the finish line - look the part


  1. Hello neil great post! I am looking for a tri team as i am new to this sport, i am on my training right now and i think i really need a team coz im confused and dont know what to do on race day.

    1. I want to be part of your team. I like tp swim

  2. Thanks Ramon, I also started without a team but I already saw a race prior to my first tri and it helped a lot. I'll try to post a rundown of things done during the race. But for now you can check and some of my race posts from 2012 just to have an idea.

  3. hello! do u know wer can i train for triathlon?

  4. Hello. Can you recruit me as member of triathlon?


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