2013 Races I Missed to Post Part 1 - Tri United 2 2013

Playing catch-up blogging this time of the year for some races I joined last year.

Tri United 2 2013
Having fun yet begging my legs to go faster - Tri United 2 - 2013

Tri United 2 distance was 2K swim, 60K bike, 15K run at Playa Laiya in San Juan, Batangas. I had a great swim by my own standard, not fast of course, but to me it's quite on the money to exit the water in 37 minutes.

I was a bit lacking on the bike leg. Can't think of anything I did wrong during my taper week but the legs weren't quite up to the task. I was, and still am a slow rider so it was ugly when I felt my legs getting heavy early on the bike. It was 3 loops and I noticed how fast other riders were passing me. There were aid stations on the route with energy drinks and bottled water distributed as riders slow down to get some. I was still lucky to get it done in 1:52.

Then came the run on a rolling terrain. I started slow and couldn't get to level up a notch so I could gain some ground on other age-groupers. I was waiting for the 'second wind' to kick in but it never came. It got uglier when at about 12 kilometers I felt my heart was beating faster than it's supposed to, I stopped for a moment then continue as the rain blessed us. I loved that I got to run in the rain. :-) Ran 1:16 for a total of 3:46 which was a far 18th in our age group. I was 26 minutes behind the first finisher.. booo! Haha just kidding, I was happy though to see the finish line (who doesn't).

Triathlon takes a lot of time to figure out and this race proved that I was not good enough in prepping for a race. I was familiar with the route yet that meant nothing when the gun was fired.

Finished on a Ramp with Red Carpet - I LOVE THIS GAME!

To all of you who are going to this race be sure to be there early for the parking lot. Don't know about the parking scheme these days though.

Just Jog

We all know the many benefits of jogging, and if not, just google it. :-) So let's promote jogging. It doesn't cost much (running shoes only) and company is optional.

Planned Races and Stretch Goals - 2nd Half of 2014

There are some races that I wish to join but for some reason I just won't be able to register like the Philippine Duathlon Open Leg 3 in Clarkfield, Pampanga and Century Tuna 5150 Tri in Subic Freeport. But still, I have some scheduled races that would hopefully materialize. Here is the list with mission-impossible goals.

July 20 - Run for Laity 10K - stretch goal 42 minutes
August 31 - Milo 21K elimination leg - stretch goal 1:30
September - SBR Duathlon X2 - stretch goal top 3 finish in age group
October 5 - Run United Philippine Marathon - 3:35
October 26 - Tri United 70.3 TBD but if the race course is easy - 5:30
December 6 - Milo Marathon or Bohol 226 Tri - 3:24 for the marathon and for Bohol 226: to finish inside the cut off time of 17 hours and hopefully be in T2 before 5:30 P.M. cutoff time.

Quite ambitious? I thought so too but hey, a stretch is a stretch. The probability that I would meet at least 1 goal is close to zero. :-)

BTW I'm joining the Audax 300K ride but it's not a race and just finishing is already a stretch for me.

tri united 3

Audax 300

July 5, 2014 - Subic 300 km

Don't know if I can finish this but I'll definitely be on the starting line with my high school classmate.

Here are some ride information from their website: http://www.audaxph.com/ride-information

July 5, 2014
Audax 300km Brevet Ride (Subic to Dasol and Back)

For those who will be doing the 300km Audax Brevet Ride on July 5, please see details below:

2:00am - registration and preps for the 300km riders
3:00am - start of the 300km ride at Mango Valley 1
6:27am - close of the 1st checkpoint (shell station at Cabangan roughly 51.7km from the start)
1:02pm - close of the 2nd checkpoint (turnaround point in Dasol, Pangasinan)
4:02pm - close of the 3rd checkpoint (Total Gas Station in Masinloc roughly at the 195.5km point)
7:33pm - close of the 4th checkpoint (shell station at Cabangan)
11:00pm - close of the Audax Ride (last stamping at the lobby of Mango Valley 1 along Dewey St.)

Things to do prior to the ride:
1) Read the Audax Ride Rules.
2) Have the proper bike lighting.  We will be starting off at 3am so lights are a must.  For those who don't have lights, you are expected to stay at the back of the group.
3) Ensure you can be self-sufficient on the road with enough cash, your mobile phone, route map, cue sheet, inner tubes, repair kit, pump, food, energy bars, etc.
4) Take note of the cut-off time for each checkpoint.
5) Relax and get plenty of rest.

The route should approximately look like this: (click to enlarge the image)

audax 300 route
Rejoice! It's flat.

I'm a Jogger

If I jog 9 times more than I do run, does that make me a runner? See, that's why I'm a self confessed, certified jogger.  In a world where runners abound I'm one of the few joggers left who actually enjoy jogging.  Of course there were times when I tried to run with my hair admittedly being whipped by the wind but that's rare and short. 

I am Hercules, and I am a JOGGER

Sometimes I train with runners and yes they're fast, dedicated and they really do run.  Jogging is what they take for warm ups and cool downs and easy days though.  When I see them do their stuff it's impressive and I just can't call myself a runner. Back in the old days a lot in my neighborhood were joggers and they never called themselves runners so I guess I'm old school or an idiot who doesn't buy into the running term. 

You don't have to run at a certain speed to be a runner - yep there's also this

Last summer I saw a tech shirt for a running event that was printed with the words 'cradle of the elite' something, it was cute and I like the design and hope someday I'll be able to wear one without feeling like a poser.

I'm just saying.. you know, a jog is a jog. And here's wishing a hundred more jogs will make me a runner. :-)

Training Week - June 2-8, 2014

Monday - Went jogging in the neighborhood for 7 kilometers at 5:30 pm.

Tuesday - Jog on the same route at the same time. After dinner I hopped on the bike trainer for 70 minutes.

Wednesday - Bike Trainer again at night.. 80 minutes of easy spinning.

Thursday - I'm a jogger so I went jogging again for 37 minutes. :-)

Friday - Bike trainer ho hum.. what can I say? Felt  lazy to ride and roll outside.

Saturday - Accompanied my nephews and nieces on their 'outing' to Caliraya Springs Golf and Country Club. As they went to the cave for some exploration (highly recommended) I biked to their parking lot which is about 11 kilometers from the clubhouse. The place is called Eco Park but it's a funny name coz a lot of people were doing their laundry beside the park.  Tried their natural river pool and went back with my foldie to the clubhouse.

Sunday - I went back to Caliraya to see the kids. I used the roadie and got a photo of Lake Lumot just before getting a flat tire.

Total mileage / time: Swim = Zero, Bike = 190 kilometers, Jog = 2 hours

Caliraya Lake
Lake Lumot near Caliraya Lake

Caliraya Springs Golf and Country Club
Caliraya Springs Country Club

Cavinti Eco Park
Cavinti Eco Park
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