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Sample Triathlon Training Plan

Sample Triathlon Training for Standard Distance
Most weeks are designed to consume less than 8 hours.
To maximize your time, try to run right after swimming on or from the same venue if possible. Mind your nutrition. I usually eat light before a workout and eat more after the session. ENJOY! 🏊🏻‍♀️🚴🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️ #triathon #training #12weeks

Train within your aerobic range. If you want to go faster on your workout do it in the upper range of your aerobic capacity but not going anaerobic. Low heart rate training doesn’t mean slow. In time you’ll be able to swim, bike, and run faster. 
Always start really easy and gradually build up the pace. Remember to focus on your swimming technique particularly on your feel for the water. Learn to pace properly on the bike and get your nutrition right. Be patient on the run, wear proper shoes and prepare yourself for some heat training. GO!

My Bike Trainer Workout

These are some of my indoor cycling workout. I ride outdoors most of the time and trainer is just a supplemental tool for those days I can’t ride outside.

Beinte Beinte Cycling Race

Weekend local cycling race using GoPro Hero 8. 5 kilometers x 4 loops = 20K of Cycling FUN 😊🚴🏻‍♀️🚴🏻‍♀️🚴🏻‍♀️ 

What Happened In 2019

2019 Memories

When you’re 50, you’re OLD 😊

One of the most embarrassing start in triathlon happened at the starting line of National Age Group Triathlon, while waiting for the gun start I thought I heard the start gun go off so I ran hurriedly to the sea, no one followed me... because it was just a figment of my ‘hearing’ 😅 hahaha. The organizers didn’t even have a start gun all they had was a horn. I walked back towards the start line as soon as I knew what just happened. Pffft.

My Daily Collagen Triathlon 1.5K - 40K - 10K = 2 hours 42 minutes
I had a slow bike ride but quite happy to get the 3rd spot because in all honesty I wouldn’t be able to catch the 2 guys in front of me no matter what. There are guys just way faster than me.

Pinoy Triathlon SuBIT 2019
I had an average swim, a good ride and a great run for a total time of 2 hours 38 minutes good for 1st place. It was a nice event but the medal looked cheap just as the previous SuBIT events.

I injured my toe coming into the water with only 2 seconds into the race 😅. The timing chip was dangling from my ankle and had to stop in the middle of the swim course. I had it replaced in T1 but so much time was lost and I lost it mentally 😅. Enjoyed the bike course though and suffered on the run. A well organized event from the IM tent to the finish line and awarding ceremonies. Truly world class.

5150 Subic Bay 2019 (photo by Dr. Denden Walde Abuan)
By this time , October 2019, I was 5 months removed from running due to an injury but because I already paid for the event I decided to still join 😅. I was still leading with only 5 kilometers left on the run but my lack of running prevented me from pushing harder. I stopped to take a rest and finished in 2nd place, a very relieved and happy 2nd place finisher 🏊🏻‍♀️🚴🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️😊. Please check out my 5150 Video on YouTube you might enjoy it.

Bente Bente Road Races - 20K
It’s really hard to describe what’s happening during races like this but I promise to make a YouTube Video regarding this very same road race in 2020, with me as the back-marker 😂. I already stopped running since June 2019 so I’m looking for cycling events to join in future races.

I started a YouTube Channel, please check out the videos in the coming days. I can’t run so I can’t do triathlon meaning maybe I’ll have time to do some YouTube stuff. 

Ironman 70.3 Subic Bay 2019

Ironman 70.3 Subic Bay 2019
1.9K - 90K - 21K

Attending graduation before heading to Subic Bay 
Olongapo skyline after waking up
Ironman 70.3 tent at Boardwalk Street

Breakfast at Hotel Bahia just across the IM tent
Practice swim at the course after breakfast
Registration inside the tent
Body marking

With triathletes from Lucena City
Photo op after race packet pick up
Mini Expo booths

Bike test
Interview of professional triathletes
My bike inside Hotel Bahia room
Transition area at night

Starting line in the background 
Transition area

Finish line on a narrow street
Announcers waiting for the finishers
Open shower at the finish line

Ice cream truck
Ice bath
Homemade beer
Penalty tent

Scenic transition area before bike checkout
Finisher’s medal
An injured toe

I injured my toe going into the water at around... 2 seconds into the swim 😅. My swim pace was above average, I was feeling great until the time when the timing chip was falling off my ankle. I spent quite some time fixing the chip in the open water but later removed it from my ankle and inserted it inside my trunks. Inside the transition area I went looking for someone to help me fix the strap of the chip but it seemed no one knew where I should go. After about 5 minutes I found the man who could fix my strap, he gave me a new chip 😊 but later found out after the race that it added some 3 minutes in my total time. The incident affected me mentally because I was trying to finish in 5 hours 40 minutes and my margin for error was almost zero. 
The bike leg went uneventful which was fine as I was simply enjoying and admiring the surrounding of the bike course. The bike leg always reminded me of the beauty of triathlon venues and how blessed I am participating in this kind of event. 
The run leg isn’t much hotter than the preceding years but I wasn’t prepared to run in general. I think the event was a huge success simply by moving the swim location to a different place. So what do you think was the biggest take from this event? Tadaa.... it was announced that there would be an Ironman race in 2020! - 226 kilometers of fun 🏊🏻‍♀️🚴🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️😅

Subic Bay International Triathlon 2019

Subic Bay International Triathlon 2019
1.5K Swim - 40K Bike - 10K Run = 2 hours 38 minutes

“Welcome to Subic Bay” Tunnel

Seoul Restaurant Subic
Lunch at Seoul Korean Restaurant 

Race packet
Race packet pick-up at Subic Bay Exhibition and Convention Center

Met an IronCouple from Quezon Province

Transition 2 bags - Remy Field Transition 2 area

Mini Expo at the Convention Center

Bike test
Bike Test at the airport

Bike test before heading to Transition 1 

SuBIT 2019
Transition 1 at ACEA

Dinner at the convention center - I did not eat here

Early morning ride to Transition 1

After the race - 😊 chaos in claiming the transition bags

Lunch with Puro Tri Team while waiting for the transition bags

Age groupers

1.5K Swim = 32 minutes
40K Bike = 1 hour 11 minutes
10K Run = 49 minutes

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