How To Get Away With A Finisher Medal

Some Of The Finisher Medals From My Collection
Luckily I Can't Remember A Race I DNF

  1. Make sure the race offers a finisher medal, lol.
  2. Train. There's no magic pill that'll get you to the finish line.
  3. Come to the race well rested but fit.
  4. As race day approaches, avoid foods and drinks that could lead to bad stomach.
  5. Don't pressure yourself, think happy thoughts, enjoy the race, think positively.
  6. On race day, start conservatively.
  7. Maintain a pace you can actually endure/maintain.
  8. Be sure to show up on race day, lols.

Stickman Runs 5K

Cordian Loyalty Fun Run
September 11, 2016
5K Run

I don't remember my last 5K stand alone run, it's been quite a while I guess. I would've run the 10K if not for my Achilles' tendon being so wimpy all these days. I thought 5K is perfect for me. I used to do most of my hard runs close to 5K in fact it was 4K to be exact, 2 loops on a 2K route. When I was just starting I would do 4K max run twice or thrice a month so this 5K thing should be pretty much the same. 

The usual pre run rituals are the same, the national anthem, the prayer, the warm up, the opening remarks plus the running tips by the host, and I still enjoy it. It fascinates me.

The route is actually 5.6 kilometers. The 10K runners went off first then I lined up in the front of the pack to see who will pass me. 3 guys overtook me early on and I stayed in fourth all the way to the finish line. My Achilles' tendon lived up to expectation, both the left and the right feels injured. I have to start gradually logging in some serious miles if I want this to banish.

After the run we had a big breakfast at Jungle Cafe still as part of my ritual, I know it's just 5K but Stickman was hungry... hungry like a wolf.

Live Run Smile Fun Run

Live Run Smile Fun Run
September 4, 2016
Bonifacio Global City

Every Child Deserves A Smile

Pre Race Warm Up

Finish Line Beside A Football Field

Enjoying The Finish Line Booths

Some Beneficiaries Having Some Fun Playing Games

On Stage







Niyogyugan Triathlon

Sprint Triathlon
600m - 20k - 5k
Sunday, August 21, 2016
Lucena City

Lucena Triathlon
My Race Number

Race Packet Pick Up At Quezon Convention Center

Triathlon Body Marking
Body Marking Early In The Morning

Niyogyugan Race Briefing
Race Briefing

Niyogyugan Triathlon Alcala Sports Complex
With Mount Banahaw In The Background

Even The Bike Racks Are Made Of Coco Lumber

A Very Well Coordinated Effort By The Race Volunteers From Start To Finish 

Finish Line - A Very Solid Race Course

The Super Tri Kids Waiting For Their Dads - The Girl On The Left Is Probably The Best Long Distance Swimmer We Have Right Now

1 Hour 10 minutes - Or Something Like That ;)

Fresh Buco Stop Near The Awarding Area

 Tourism Exhibit By Each Town In Quezon Province - You Should See This

Finish Line At Quezon Capitol In Lucena City 

Milo 21K

Milo 21K

This 21K category is a qualifying event for the Milo Marathon Finals in Iloilo on December, 2016. My first 21K run was on this same route 2 years ago, I clocked in at 1 hour 38 minutes back then.

Milo 21K

The route was not a favorite among runners who would like to qualify all expenses paid to the Finals because of 2 uphill portions of the course. I know of certain local runners who would run the Bicol qualifier just to clock in under 1:15.

A Sea Of Green

I don't remember the gun start time but I know I was really lucky to arrive 23 seconds before it started. It was surprising to see just how few the 21K runners this year. It was really dark at the start up until 6K where the street lamps were lit. Coming from the rear I was passing some runners early on and I thought my pace was just enough to cover the distance at a time near my personal record but I slowed down considerably during the mid part so it's goodbye to PR.

Cheerleading Competion At The Finish Line

At the 13th kilometer I knew I wouldn't be breaking PR anytime soon but I thought I could still qualify for the Finals since I have a good 6K of downhill fun ahead of me. I proceeded with caution because I didn't have a long run coming in. Near the finish line with only 1.5K left I felt my Achilles tendon tightening up much like what I've been experiencing for the Nth time this year. My grand ambition went from breaking the PR to tying the PR to just plain qualifying to just finishing the race, thank God for allowing me to finish.

21K in 1:46

Now I have exactly 1 week to rest my legs before the upcoming Niyogyugan Triathlon.

Beginner's Guide To Running Faster

There are different ways to train, and having a coach is probably the best way to get where you want to be in a safe and sure way. For beginners who don't have a coach here are some tips I have learned through my own experience.

pinoy triathlon guide to running
Obviously I am not the king of the road it's just the name of the event ;)

1. Structure your training - to get the proper recovery and consistency to avoid injuries -  if you are training for less than 5 days a week it's better to spread your workouts than bunch them in consecutive days
2. Run at an easy pace - develop aerobic system and avoid injury by not putting too much stress on your body - 60 to 75 percent of your 5K max
3. Get a hard and fast workout every 10 days to strengthen the muscles you needed to run fast - examples: 4K max workout, or a 10 x 400 meter run
4. Swim - to develop your cardio without putting added stress on your lower body
5. Mind your weight - to avoid injuries from running at a heavy weight -  avoid soda and junk foods
6. Gear and apparel - training shoes should be comfortable and with enough cushion to protect your feet and knees, hydration gear is a must for instant access whenever needed

If you don't have injuries you can also have one like this

Running Back To My Roots

July 17, 2016
10K Fun Run

There are races that no matter how many years have passed still stayed true to its original route. I can recall two, the NAGT Subic and almost every local fun run just like this where I joined so many times when I was just starting. This is a 10K run course where many local organizers used as their default route for practical reasons, it starts at a mall, the traffic can easily be controlled on Sundays, and it is easily accessible to participants.

The run route is an up and down, out and back course. It is a little bit over 10 kilometers and my usual total time here was 46 minutes. This latest run is no different, I finished in......... TADAA! 46 minutes.

Tri United 2 2016

July 3, 2016
Subic Bay and SCTEX Tollway
2K - 60K - 15K
Swim Bike Walk :)

Printed with the finisher's name

Saturday, July 2, 2016 claimed race packet at SBECC

Booths at the registration area

 Photo wall near the entrance

 Bike check in outside ACEA Resort

Dinner with Puro Tri Team

 For breakfast and bike nutrition 

South view from my bike

North view

A big relief from the topless guy on the left :)

It's nice to be on the first wave, the rack is still full

The girl on my back and me were overtaking each other for the most part of the bike course

Walkers all during the run leg

The moment I saw this my legs came alive

Nope that wasn't me

Medals booth

This is where we claimed our medals because we have our names in those

Bang the gong if you have exceeded yourself

For race course map and race results - CLICK HERE
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