Tri United 3 - A Day Before Race Day

What Do You Do To Prepare For a Race??? - I never did go to the carnival with these guys though... it was already MIDNIGHT hah! 

Arrived at Subic Freeport and Went Straight to a Diner

Checked In at the Hotel

Claimed My Race Pack at Tri United Expo

You Gotta Fall In Line

1.9 - 90 - 21 = 112.9

Expo Booths

Bike Check In at Dungaree Beach

Went To A Supermarket

Accompanied My Nephews and Nieces

Went Korean

I missed this... I was prepping my nutrition in the hotel

Tri United 3 - 70.3 Medal

It was brutal.. My neck felt shit at 75K on the bike and everything went south... Feeling humbled and lucky to finish in 6:48... - I'll tell the details later.

I never expected this to be so difficult but it really was...

Tri United 3: Goals and Injuries

Just like any event that I joined I try to set some goals to aim for and those can be realistic and unrealistic. For this coming weekend race the bar is set to be as low as possible as I am still reeling from my recently caught cough and colds, from the injury I got for tightening my shoelaces and from the pain at the back of my left knee. For the latter one I took the clipless pedals off my bike so I will be using rubber shoes for the 90 kilometer ride to ease the pain - ouch! As I was installing the new plastic platform pedals I felt the bike course just got longer - agh! As for the foot injury, I only logged a paltry 1 hour and 40 minutes of total jogging time since my marathon last October 5 so this is gonna be painful come Sunday noon folks.

So what's the goal? Well, with Bohol 226 on my mind I think I'm pretty much sure I wouldn't push hard given what I feel right now. But if for some miracle that I come in third in Transition 2 who knows I might do something stupid :) like run or more like limp to the finish line.

Now for the real goal: 1. enjoy the ride at SCTEX, this was the reason I joined this race so might as well savor the moment while on the route, 2. as always, survive the swim, 3. finish in 1 piece - alive and kicking, and with my toes in proper places.

This is the reason why I signed up for this: SCTEX Route

Road To Bohol - Part 1

The Bohol 226 Triathlon is a long distance race and with such distance one would expect extraordinary training and unbelievable stories that go with it but with only a few weeks to go I wish I have something like that to tell you - sufferfest galore, long runs, long rides, long swims etc. 

Except for the marathon last October 5, I don't think I've done something so different from what I used to do. I still haven't reached a hundred kilometers on a single ride, a long swim to an island; let alone in a pool, a weekly long run or a brick session. With so much respect for the distance my weekly volume went up a bit and that's it for now. I still ride on my folding bike, short jog in the neighborhood, swim in a 17 meter pool and avoid brick sessions like a plague. But like everyone else I have training goals though not as lofty as others who tried to brave the distance. I aim neither to get sick nor injured during the course of my training, to run a marathon, to get fast on shorter distances, to finish Tri United 3 70.3 without injury, to bike for 12 hours in a day, to NOT lose weight, to strengthen my back, to swim in a pool longer than 17 meters and above all else, to train consistently in general and especially on the bike. 

So for Part 1 of my Road To Bohol there is nothing much to tell except that I farted my way to a marathon :). and continue to devour 4 servings of rice in a single meal!

Off Tangent Tuesday: Badminton Club

I've never been inside the badminton court for quite some time and I've been missing these guys and the fun of just hanging out at the place. We had a team building of sorts last Saturday and I was really glad to join the club, play some parlor games and eat dinner. 

Triathlon Philippines
F A L L I N G ! - photo by Godfrey

Quite late, but I had a Birthday Ride last week.

triathlon philippines
Lansones Season - photo by Dante

I renewed my driver's license.

Sit and Wait

Run United Philippine Marathon Recap

October 5, 2014 - draft

Days before the marathon I was trying to guess my current state of fitness so that I can plan my pace for the race. I looked at my workout diary and thought that I should run at an even split pace of 5 minutes per kilometer and expect to finish in 3:30 to 3:36. It's a wide ballpark I know but I have no idea how the start would turn out with so many runners in front of me.

A day before the marathon I checked in at Microtel Inn and Suites beside Mall Of Asia - the start line. I watched the horror movie 'Annabelle' before dinner and went to bed at 11 p.m.

I woke up 1:45 a.m. and was at the start line 4 minutes before gun start. I talked for a bit with a couple of acquaintances from GRC Toshiba Triathlon Team. Then we're off to a slow start - a walking start ugh. There were just too many runners that jam the road so I had to weave though human traffic before getting a clean road ahead, after 5 kilometers and more than 5 minutes lost.

At that point I settled with my intended pace of 5 minutes per kilometer, luckily a guy in front of me was doing the same thing and he's quite on the dot kilometer after kilometer. Talk about an instant pacer, hah! One thing I noticed was that my legs didn't feel as robust as when I did a 21K even though I was running at a slower pace. But by kilometer 16 I was much settled in and enjoying the run in that pace. I thought I'll just let the time pass by and make adjustments after 33K.

At approximately kilometer 26 disaster struck, I went looking for a porta potty and someone told me to head back a few hundred meters and I'll see some toilets. I didn't like the idea of running towards the back without the assurance of a tissue paper so I searched for a convenience store and found one with a toilet room beside it. I probably lost more than 25 minutes over there and felt drained afterwards.

The succeeding kilometers were painfully slow, I was resigned to just chat with a fellow walker but decided to run again when he told me I can leave him cause he's decided to just walk most of the remainder of the course. We were actually talking about a race in Nuvali where he wasn't able to join and where I came out on top - talk about bragging while limping hehe.

I covered the remaining distance uneventfully; bordering on boredom I jogged in shorter strides until I saw the finish line and pretended to run strong. I smiled for the camera and even smiled bigger when the photographer recognized me somehow and said "sir you're Pinoy Triathlon aren't you?" Haha yup that's me and thanked him before posing for another photo op.

The good - I know that when ready and well trained I think I can hold a 5:00 pace.
The bad - It seemed I still don't know how to tackle the cold when my shirt becomes all too sweaty. I think this was the reason why that disaster struck.
The ugly - tied the shoe laces too tightly and suffered a swollen foot, never got to cut the nails causing my toes to hurt really good.
The RUPM race - it was well organized with hydration stations and kilometer markers well placed.
The time - 4:23 not bad I think, but a far cry from my 3:35 goal
The best - I still have 3 weeks til Tri United 70.3 and 2 months left before Bohol 226 Triathlon, and I gained some confidence on my run so I wouldn't be stressing out on my run training that much and can focus now on cycling and swimming

Run United Philippine Marathon 2014

October 5, 2014 3am
Mall Of Asia

Before I post a full race recap let me just share what I posted in FB - the short story behind a funny and disastrous marathon experience.

#KwentongPinoyTriathlon - RUPM 2014
I farted before it started... I farted after it started... I farted for every kilometer I ran... I can't help it but I was kind of enjoying it - farting at a pace of 5 minutes per kilometer... until it went KABOOM! at about kilometer 26... but before you judge me... I bought a tissue before it went all KaPoW! hahaha! - the run back to MOA went downhill after that but I finished in 4:23 and guess what I did at the finish line - I FARTED  #iLOVEthisRACE

triathlon philippines
I was here for a learning experience and lo and behold... I learned so much
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