Tri United 3: Goals and Injuries

Just like any event that I joined I try to set some goals to aim for and those can be realistic and unrealistic. For this coming weekend race the bar is set to be as low as possible as I am still reeling from my recently caught cough and colds, from the injury I got for tightening my shoelaces and from the pain at the back of my left knee. For the latter one I took the clipless pedals off my bike so I will be using rubber shoes for the 90 kilometer ride to ease the pain - ouch! As I was installing the new plastic platform pedals I felt the bike course just got longer - agh! As for the foot injury, I only logged a paltry 1 hour and 40 minutes of total jogging time since my marathon last October 5 so this is gonna be painful come Sunday noon folks.

So what's the goal? Well, with Bohol 226 on my mind I think I'm pretty much sure I wouldn't push hard given what I feel right now. But if for some miracle that I come in third in Transition 2 who knows I might do something stupid :) like run or more like limp to the finish line.

Now for the real goal: 1. enjoy the ride at SCTEX, this was the reason I joined this race so might as well savor the moment while on the route, 2. as always, survive the swim, 3. finish in 1 piece - alive and kicking, and with my toes in proper places.

This is the reason why I signed up for this: SCTEX Route

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