Cross Training... duh!

Mt. Carmel Grand Alumni Homecoming Badminton Tournament

I've been away from badminton for so long that my racket grip is reduced to powder like over grip.  I never thought I would have played this sport again as it pains me all night long after just two matches on court.  But just like any other sport there are times that you will meet once again.  And for a noble reason of participating in a tournament for our Grand Alumni Homecoming, badminton and I are once again reunited. I stopped my usual swim, bike, run routine for 1 week to accommodate this pain inducing sport.  I can race an Olympic distance triathlon and still feel good but a night of badminton brings me horrors and pain in every joint and muscle in my body... go figure :).

July 7 was a day of games, foods, drinks, camaraderie, photo opps and a chance to know the priest and non priest badminton players.  After calling it quits with 9 matches on my pocket, my classmate and I headed to the nearest spa.  Recovery is bliss!

With my running shoes

Smash, drop, moon shot, net, push, lunge, stop, go, arrgh

With my partner Gerry and Darwin  

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