Triathlon Ritual #1: Target Time

Before I go to transition area to prepare my gears I write down the target splits and the corresponding aggregate time on my left wrist. Here are 2 samples of my target time.  The first one is from SubIT last May, 2012 and the second is from Animo Sprint last June.

SubIT Target Time

The numbers on the left side are the target splits.  32 minutes for the swim leg and transition 1.  I would look at my watch upon exiting transition 1 and see if it's near the number 32.  1:23 is for the bike leg and transition 2, so 32 plus 1:23 gives me 1:55 upon exiting transition 2.  54 is the target run split for a total of 2:49.  The actual time it took me to finish the race was 2:56 which is 7 minutes off the mark.

Animo Sprint Target Time 2:02... Actual Time 1:58

For the Animo Sprint at Ayala Alabang I ran a 34 minute 7.5k which gave me total time of 1:58.  The target time was pretty accurate up to T2 exit.  But I'm sure glad to break my target time.  So what's your target time?  xoxo :)

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