Rudy Project Triathlon 2012

Rudy Project Triathlon
Republic Wakepark, Sta. Rosa City
900m-30k-8k --> turned to duathlon 6k-30k-3k

Upon racking up my bike and having my goggles on my neck a marshal told me to wear my running shoes... huh?  As it turned out it's going to be a duathlon since the water is not yet filled to capacity. I saw the top duathletes getting warmed up, not for the swim of course. I also heard a team near my van spoke in Visaya, hope they didn't fly over here just to experience a triathlon. For some reason the line for claiming the timing chip was too long and  I was lucky to get mine yesterday. I think it caused the delay of the gun start. 

Just across where I parked were these 2 ladies accompanying their BFs

Billy Joe being interviewed by ABS-CBN crew

Kuya Kim

The supposed swim course

Anthony Pangilinan in transition area

Race briefing

Got to earn those free Rudy Project shades for finishers

David's Salon

Racking up the bike after getting lost by 8K... where were the marshals when you need one

And the winner is... luckily a triathlete not a duathlete

Lots of prizes for the Q and A winners ... I could have won something  if not for being too busy with my food stub as I was near the stage when Monica asked a Q... hays


Weekend at Nuvali

October 6-7, 2012
Nuvali, Sta. Rosa City
Rudy Project Triathlon Weekend

This is where we checked in when we arrived around noon, just inside Technopark Industrial Village

Waiting at the hotel lobby

Got my Big Brothers for lunch before heading to Republic Wakepark

Knee deep water as I claim my race pack at the venue on October 6, 2012

Went to mass at St. John Bosco Parish

Got pigged out at Pig Out

Walked to Solenad 2 for some last minute necessities

Bought our breakfast and on the bike nutrition for Rudy Project Triathlon

Spent breakfast with my family at the hotel after finishing the triathlon that turned out to be a duathlon

adidas King Of The Road 2012

September 30, 2012
Bonifacio Global City
16.8K Run

It was a little bit too early for me, I almost arrived late and went to the back of the starting line as it was already packed with runners.  Luckily I spotted a couple who were going to the front slicing the crowd with reckless abandon, I just tailed them like a car tailing an ambulance and ended near the front.  After a pre race warm up led by coach Ani De Leon a countdown to gunstart followed then we're off to the first corner.

I joined this race as scheduled in my White Rock Triathlon plan (October 27, 2012).  To tell you the truth this was my first long run.  As I don't do long runs during workouts my previous longest run was a 60 minute 12K.  My target time was 1:20 but luckily I finished with a time of 1 hour and 17 minutes - 1:17:09 to be exact.  Yehey!  With still 1 month before my jogging anniversary I felt very satisfied with my time.

Hydration Stations:  Unlike multisports races, fun runs have fewer hydration stations and this one was no exception but it was relatively okay and there were bananas on some stations.

Route:  Starting near the front the route was not crowded.  The different distances merged only near the finish line.  Kalayaan flyover was a welcome challenge.

Cheering:  There were cheerers on some parts of the route, even Jollibee mascot went to cheer.

Celebrity:  Not sure but here goes.. Karylle, Erwan and Solen Heusaf, Spongecola band member, Michelle Madrigal.

Traffic Management:  From my point of view it was okay.

Kilometer Markers:  There were markers almost at every kilometer but some were distinctly way off the mark.  Time gaps were placed at kilometer 5 and 10.

Marshals:  There were enough at every key areas.

Singlet:  Excellent: adidas brand

Medal:  Excellent

Freebies:  Vitamins, medicines, canned tuna, deodorant, multisport source book.  Photobooth picture.

Injuries:  A nasty blister on my left foot, and my right calf hurts so much. These injuries proved costly to my triathlon training as I have races on October 7 and October 27.  I'll be racing Rudy Project Triathlon without practice as I have to rest and hope that my foot and calf will be ready for a short tri.

The Bad:  In the results page they didn't list my name correctly and my age was wrong - Peterson sounds too far from Neil don't ya think?

Waiting for gunstart

5k runners waiting for their turn

First Aid Station

At the finish line

The 'Itchy Worms' performing for the crowd

Sponsors' Booths

TRIpalooza 2012

TRIpalooza 2012
Venice Piazza, McKinley Hill, Taguig
September 29-30, 2012

List of Exhibitors

The busiest man in the event: Sir Carlos of


and more bikes!


Goggles and bags!


Bike again!

The Venue
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