NatGeo Fun Run 2012

NatGeo Fun Run 2012
April 22, 2012
Bonifacio Global City

Early Morning

Yada yada yada blah blah blah...

Timing Chip

10K runners

With Miss Earth Candidates who ran 3K

Bakit parang mas maganda ang Miss Earth nya?

A horde of fiinishers


The guys who beat me/everyone

Basang Sisiw - trademark look, soaked with cotton undershirt, I missed my target by 5 minutes but still managed a top 20 finish out of 1,500 participants...YEY!!! ;-)

Presenting the race organizers: no kilometer markers, no energy drinks, few hydration stations, no loot bag, expensive registration. Well done har har!

Why I Don't Wear a Trisuit... yet

No trisuit for me just yet

The advantages of wearing a trisuit are hard to ignore.  They can make for a fast transition, the fit makes you aerodynamic, the extra cloth may prevent jelly stings, the suit is a good sponsor's advert, and as a team uniform it's a must have.

But still I don't have a trisuit and here are the trivial reasons why

1.  The look: while trisuits look good even awesome on most triathletes I just don't think that it will translate to my physique 'coz I'm so thin my daughter calls me a stickman when riding my bike.
2.  I like to swim without a top.  It's just me and the 3 percent who swim with our good old speedo trunks..
3.  I am not vying for a podium so transition time is not that important to me.
4.  I don't have a club or sponsor.  Yes, the banners you see here aren't paying me. I just use them.
5.  I haven't been stung by a jellyfish... yet.
6.  I love my muscle shirt :-)

My advice:  buy a trisuit, it's nice to have, it's just not my thing yet.

Tri United 1 2012

April 15, 2012
Playa Laiya, San Juan Batangas

A nice weather as participants and family members gather near the transition area

Transition Area 30 minutes before gun start

Celebrity sighting

One of the booths

Out of the water

A long run to transition area

Mounting  Zone

A big smile from one of the finishers

The fastest man. . . . . . . . . . .is in the background - 1:36:59

Podium finishers from age group 30-34

Brunch Station

At 2:06 and not limping to the finish line I'm a distant 21st out of 54 in my age group
swim and run to t1 22:40 - t1 3:24 - bike 1:01:10 - t2 0:58 - run 38:35

Short Distance Nutrition

For duathlons and short distance triathlons I eat and drink these simply because they taste good for me.

Jelly Belly Sport Beans and Bunete bread inside my bento box.

Post Race Recovery Drink: Fresh and Real Lemonade

NatGeo's On Site Registration

I've never seen quite like it.  Is this really how registration is like nowadays?  NatGeo's booth at Greenbelt 3 is what a registration site should be: simple, fast, efficient.

National Geographic Channel Registration Booth at Greenbelt 3

Step 3: Get Race Packet

Step 1: encode details in the computer

Step 2: Payment

Choose the right fit

Claim you race pack


How to Bungle the Start of Your Triathlon

If you are a newbie you're more than allowed to follow in my footsteps.

Be sure to pose for the camera while your wave is being called.  -  Start from the back and be kicked.

Exit the water 31 minutes later.  -  Use tightly sealed bottled water to cleanse your feet.

Wear your socks and running shoes.  -  Wipe your body before wearing muscle shirt.

Wear your cycling shorts if you can fit your shoes through it. - Helmet, shades, and forget your race belt.

Transition 1 in 5 minutes

Long Distance Swimming Technique

My daughter's teammate represented our country in the Oman 10k.  She was  the girl wearing a green cap.

1.  Total body coordination -  swimming is not just about how well you kick or how good your arm-stroke or how you breath with ease.  It is a total body workout that needs harmony.  You may have a correct arm-stroke but still be a lousy swimmer.  I think the roll over drill popularized by Alexander Popov can help you feel the water and with the help of a videocam, you can correct your stroke.
2.  Make your butt float -  do not sink your butt it will cause a lot of drag.  Focus on this and it will be easier to tackle long distance swimming.
3.  Front sighting -  navigation is important in open water swimming, practice front sighting just in case you have to do this on race day to look at the turn around buoy.
4.  Long strokes - do not be lazy on going for the full length of your stroke, start with a long catch and finish it. When muscles fatigue sometimes you sacrifice long full stroke with short and fast, avoid this during training.
5.  Roll over drill - did I just repeat myself?  Remember: harmony.

Penitence Ride

April 3, 2012 - Lucena City, Quezon to Catanauan, Quezon Bike Ride

The Destination

My friend Pot invited me on his annual 'penitence ride' a term he coined for his Holy Week long ride.  As the title suggested it was supposed to be long and hard just like when a priest ordered you to complete the stations of the cross as penance for your grave sins.
We met at 5:45 am I already logged 7K on my cyclocomputer, the sun was already up and clouds were so few - a good sign that we're gonna be toasted by the summer heat.  The next 10 kilometers was a revelation to the state of the road condition of Quezon province, it was totally uncool.  We're like riding on a trail with our road bike.  Thankfully the process of restructuring the road was already underway.  After 32 kilometers we had passed 3 towns and a mountain climb. . . . . to be continued brb

Lugaw at 8:45 am

Kalilayan Bridge

Guess who can run a 10K in less than 40m

Infinity pool my A$$

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