Why I Don't Wear a Trisuit... yet

No trisuit for me just yet

The advantages of wearing a trisuit are hard to ignore.  They can make for a fast transition, the fit makes you aerodynamic, the extra cloth may prevent jelly stings, the suit is a good sponsor's advert, and as a team uniform it's a must have.

But still I don't have a trisuit and here are the trivial reasons why

1.  The look: while trisuits look good even awesome on most triathletes I just don't think that it will translate to my physique 'coz I'm so thin my daughter calls me a stickman when riding my bike.
2.  I like to swim without a top.  It's just me and the 3 percent who swim with our good old speedo trunks..
3.  I am not vying for a podium so transition time is not that important to me.
4.  I don't have a club or sponsor.  Yes, the banners you see here aren't paying me. I just use them.
5.  I haven't been stung by a jellyfish... yet.
6.  I love my muscle shirt :-)

My advice:  buy a trisuit, it's nice to have, it's just not my thing yet.

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