Penitence Ride

April 3, 2012 - Lucena City, Quezon to Catanauan, Quezon Bike Ride

The Destination

My friend Pot invited me on his annual 'penitence ride' a term he coined for his Holy Week long ride.  As the title suggested it was supposed to be long and hard just like when a priest ordered you to complete the stations of the cross as penance for your grave sins.
We met at 5:45 am I already logged 7K on my cyclocomputer, the sun was already up and clouds were so few - a good sign that we're gonna be toasted by the summer heat.  The next 10 kilometers was a revelation to the state of the road condition of Quezon province, it was totally uncool.  We're like riding on a trail with our road bike.  Thankfully the process of restructuring the road was already underway.  After 32 kilometers we had passed 3 towns and a mountain climb. . . . . to be continued brb

Lugaw at 8:45 am

Kalilayan Bridge

Guess who can run a 10K in less than 40m

Infinity pool my A$$

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