I'm Back.. Sort of..

I'm a lazy blogger. you know that by now of course :-) but that doesn't tell the whole story.  I got sick last year and lost interest in the sport. Well, any sport for that matter. For almost four months I never did anything really and worse I hooked up with my old buddy Marlboro. I skipped White Rock Tri, it was ravaged by typhoon anyway and Bohol got quaked so bye bye 226. But five weeks into Challenge Philippines I remember the dollars spent on registration 'sayang naman kung d ko sasalihan'. So I laced my shoes and ran for 20 minutes and thought foolishly that I could do it with just 5 weeks to train, oh well.  I managed to finish the 1st Challenge PH but barely.. I had help from my teammate Reggie.  I waited for him in T1 so we could do it together the rest of the way. I think I recorded the longest time in transition with a grand time of 18 minutes. But you know what.. the crossing of Challenge finish line was by far the best since we caught our other teammate 'Monks' on the run we jog side by side to the finish. I can still remember the announcer saying 'they finished as a team and as individuals' after mentioning our names.

photo by pet salvador

After that I signed up for 'Subit 2014 standard distance' but this time I had a goal to finish in 2:28. But I never came close to it with Mr. Side Stitch bothering me right out of the water.  I finished in 2:33 though, not bad for someone who sucks in all three sports haha.

subit 2014
not a 2:28 but still lucky enough to finish

As for me getting back to training? Naaah.. I used to have a structured training plan and managed to swim even when there's no upcoming race but now I just do leisure biking with my foldie or mtb and occasional jogs when I feel like doing it.

Running in the forest: Challenge Philippines - photo by anna mapua

Having said that I still am looking forward to do some triathlons and duathlons this year and hopefully some blogging too.

Challenge Philippines triathlon
Hayys... :P
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