Yep, It Started Alright

Procrastination is to January as Christmas is to December. But February 22 is Challenge Philippines and I'm glad to say that I already started training on February 2, 2015.

triathlon philippines
2015 training starts now

I have 3 weeks to prepare, and with 12 days in... it's all good and fun. I'm slowly getting some mileage on every discipline and it looks like my body is handling the workouts just fine - I'm still in one piece!!! :)

Although 3 weeks is a bit short to prepare for a half distance tri (duhh) it's not totally that bad since I had a good fitness base before I stopped working out on December 3, 2014. I just do workouts that I can comfortably finish, and because of that I'm holding up pretty well - I guess :).

There were a lot of creaking sounds from my bike

I am not working my ass off in fact I'm surprisingly calm despite the lack of training. My worries are the usual bits like race day flat tire, mechanical problems, porta potty issues, cold weather, etc... and my little toes. I have a busy weekend ahead so I may not be able to train as I would like to but hey I'm an age grouper right? 

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