All In A Day Before Race Day - Challenge PH 2015

February 20, 2015

A look at how the day before race day unfolds.

1- Pick up of race pack at Harbor Point Mall, 2- Pepper Lunch, 3- Buma Hotel, 4- Buma Hotel lobby deco 5- Philippine Sports Arena during travel

1- Ocean Adventure, 2- Puro Tri Team during race briefing, 3- Stage performance after briefing, 4- Transition area during bike check in, 5- Panorama shot of race briefing at the finish line

1- Bike check in, 2- 2nd dinner at Meat Plus (1st was at the carbo party at Ocean Adventure), 3- Late night massage at Ritz Spa, 4- Challenge Expo at Harbor Point Mall, 5- Welcome speech from Challenge Family

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