Run United Philippine Marathon 2014

October 5, 2014 3am
Mall Of Asia

Before I post a full race recap let me just share what I posted in FB - the short story behind a funny and disastrous marathon experience.

#KwentongPinoyTriathlon - RUPM 2014
I farted before it started... I farted after it started... I farted for every kilometer I ran... I can't help it but I was kind of enjoying it - farting at a pace of 5 minutes per kilometer... until it went KABOOM! at about kilometer 26... but before you judge me... I bought a tissue before it went all KaPoW! hahaha! - the run back to MOA went downhill after that but I finished in 4:23 and guess what I did at the finish line - I FARTED  #iLOVEthisRACE

triathlon philippines
I was here for a learning experience and lo and behold... I learned so much

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