Road To Bohol - Part 1

The Bohol 226 Triathlon is a long distance race and with such distance one would expect extraordinary training and unbelievable stories that go with it but with only a few weeks to go I wish I have something like that to tell you - sufferfest galore, long runs, long rides, long swims etc. 

Except for the marathon last October 5, I don't think I've done something so different from what I used to do. I still haven't reached a hundred kilometers on a single ride, a long swim to an island; let alone in a pool, a weekly long run or a brick session. With so much respect for the distance my weekly volume went up a bit and that's it for now. I still ride on my folding bike, short jog in the neighborhood, swim in a 17 meter pool and avoid brick sessions like a plague. But like everyone else I have training goals though not as lofty as others who tried to brave the distance. I aim neither to get sick nor injured during the course of my training, to run a marathon, to get fast on shorter distances, to finish Tri United 3 70.3 without injury, to bike for 12 hours in a day, to NOT lose weight, to strengthen my back, to swim in a pool longer than 17 meters and above all else, to train consistently in general and especially on the bike. 

So for Part 1 of my Road To Bohol there is nothing much to tell except that I farted my way to a marathon :). and continue to devour 4 servings of rice in a single meal!

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