White Rock Triathlon 2012

October 27, 2012
Olongapo City

After months of joining a lot of races - maybe more than twenty races if you'll let me include the fun runs - I think it's normal to try a mid distance race like white rock triathlon especially at this time of year when I'm in tip top condition having been a part of so many events.

Contrary to what I've read in some internet posts that training for this particular distance demands a lot from an athlete, my training for this distance was not filled with punishing workouts and long training weeks consisting of days of long runs and long rides.  To tell you the truth I never had a long run nor a long swim workout.  I only had 3 mid distance rides before the event - 60+, 70+, and 80+ kilometers.  What I had that made me feel confident was the repeatability that I enjoyed with my scheduled workouts.  That and the light weight of my body.

I was reviewing the course I plotted using mapmyride.com and I foolishly came up with my list of target times to be used to pace myself and it went like this: 
note: the description at the right side was what actually took place

Swim + T1         0:45    rough water - 0:48
Bike U turn        2:15   hydration station with bananas and hospitable volunteers - 2:14
Bike 70k            3:07    strong headwind
Bike 91k            3:51    heavy traffic at Subic town - 4:02
T2                      3:56    can't find my medicine - 4:08
Run 6k               4:27    dead man's hill, itbs acting its part to the T
Run U turn         4:46     went to toilet of yellow cab pizza at kilometer 8
Run 13.5k          5:05    more walking and butt kicks on dead man's hill      
Finish                5:41    felt lucky to strike the bell as my name was announced - 6:06

At the midpoint of my bike ride I was still true to my target time and had a long stop at the bike U turn to replenish and rest a bit.  When I started on my way back to White Rock Beach I felt good until the 55th kilometer where the strong headwind started sapping my energy.  I was way off the target when I arrived at T2 and at kilometer 2 of the 20k run I felt my nemesis (itbs) acting up again.  I was left to choose between running hard until my legs totally breakdown and apply run-walk method to increase my chance of finishing.  I took the latter and run-walk for a 1:58 run split and a disappointing yet satisfying (did I just contradict myself) overall time of 6:06. To give you an idea how slow I was, the fast ones are more than an hour faster than me - ouch!

The event was well organized and I would like to thank the race marshals and volunteers who made the race possible especially those who were at the center of the towns we passed. I just wish there could be more participants the next time around.

Step 1: consultation with a doctor on October 26

Claiming of race pack and loot bag

Race briefing: I was a little bit late as my bike's tire got rejected upon checking in 
so I hurriedly changed tires before going to the briefing room

Race day weigh in started at 5:30 am


15 minutes before gun start

Showtime's Coleen watching her BF Gab

I think I was the only one wearing a real swimming trunks

After a 91k ride.. now with my cycling shorts, blue muscle shirt, and black running shoes

Starting my run in a new attire.. now with a singlet and a brand new blue shoes

After 1 hopia, 2 pandesal, 1 pack Sport Beans, 2 bananas,
lots of water and Gatorade I just lost 3 pounds and finished the race

With Peter and Chad at the finishers' hut

A cowbell for my effort


  1. Finishing at 6:06 seem to be a good time for me. If i finished 70.3 distance at this time i would be very satisfied. I hope to see you on the finish line on your future races- cheers:)

  2. thanks anthony, in hindsight i feel lucky to just finish this race when it could easily be a DNF the way my legs felt at the time. BTW my next race will be at Subic - 1st leg National Age Group and when you're done with your next 70.3 balitaan mo na lang kami .. race happy!

  3. I registered in Cebu cobra ironman, still training on my own and browsing the net for some tips when i found your site. I may say that your race experiences will be a good guide for someone new to the sports. I admire your time in finishing a 70.3 distance, i will be happy to finish it within 7hours. My time in f8nishing a 5150 distance was 4 hours 26 minutes but still proud that i finished and really had a memorable time and i think i will consider it to be my most favorite race i will ever had (my very first race). I write a short story of this race in case you want to read http://www.pinoyfitness.com/2012/07/sense-of-accomplishment-in-finishing-a-triathlon-century-tuna-5150/

  4. just read your story bro, very inspiring. it's been half a year since that race i'm sure you're getting fitter and faster na, when cebu 70.3 race day arrives you'll be a polished swimmer na ..good luck on your training


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