Milo 21K

Milo 21K

This 21K category is a qualifying event for the Milo Marathon Finals in Iloilo on December, 2016. My first 21K run was on this same route 2 years ago, I clocked in at 1 hour 38 minutes back then.

Milo 21K

The route was not a favorite among runners who would like to qualify all expenses paid to the Finals because of 2 uphill portions of the course. I know of certain local runners who would run the Bicol qualifier just to clock in under 1:15.

A Sea Of Green

I don't remember the gun start time but I know I was really lucky to arrive 23 seconds before it started. It was surprising to see just how few the 21K runners this year. It was really dark at the start up until 6K where the street lamps were lit. Coming from the rear I was passing some runners early on and I thought my pace was just enough to cover the distance at a time near my personal record but I slowed down considerably during the mid part so it's goodbye to PR.

Cheerleading Competion At The Finish Line

At the 13th kilometer I knew I wouldn't be breaking PR anytime soon but I thought I could still qualify for the Finals since I have a good 6K of downhill fun ahead of me. I proceeded with caution because I didn't have a long run coming in. Near the finish line with only 1.5K left I felt my Achilles tendon tightening up much like what I've been experiencing for the Nth time this year. My grand ambition went from breaking the PR to tying the PR to just plain qualifying to just finishing the race, thank God for allowing me to finish.

21K in 1:46

Now I have exactly 1 week to rest my legs before the upcoming Niyogyugan Triathlon.

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