Stickman Runs 5K

Cordian Loyalty Fun Run
September 11, 2016
5K Run

I don't remember my last 5K stand alone run, it's been quite a while I guess. I would've run the 10K if not for my Achilles' tendon being so wimpy all these days. I thought 5K is perfect for me. I used to do most of my hard runs close to 5K in fact it was 4K to be exact, 2 loops on a 2K route. When I was just starting I would do 4K max run twice or thrice a month so this 5K thing should be pretty much the same. 

The usual pre run rituals are the same, the national anthem, the prayer, the warm up, the opening remarks plus the running tips by the host, and I still enjoy it. It fascinates me.

The route is actually 5.6 kilometers. The 10K runners went off first then I lined up in the front of the pack to see who will pass me. 3 guys overtook me early on and I stayed in fourth all the way to the finish line. My Achilles' tendon lived up to expectation, both the left and the right feels injured. I have to start gradually logging in some serious miles if I want this to banish.

After the run we had a big breakfast at Jungle Cafe still as part of my ritual, I know it's just 5K but Stickman was hungry... hungry like a wolf.

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