Training Week - June 2-8, 2014

Monday - Went jogging in the neighborhood for 7 kilometers at 5:30 pm.

Tuesday - Jog on the same route at the same time. After dinner I hopped on the bike trainer for 70 minutes.

Wednesday - Bike Trainer again at night.. 80 minutes of easy spinning.

Thursday - I'm a jogger so I went jogging again for 37 minutes. :-)

Friday - Bike trainer ho hum.. what can I say? Felt  lazy to ride and roll outside.

Saturday - Accompanied my nephews and nieces on their 'outing' to Caliraya Springs Golf and Country Club. As they went to the cave for some exploration (highly recommended) I biked to their parking lot which is about 11 kilometers from the clubhouse. The place is called Eco Park but it's a funny name coz a lot of people were doing their laundry beside the park.  Tried their natural river pool and went back with my foldie to the clubhouse.

Sunday - I went back to Caliraya to see the kids. I used the roadie and got a photo of Lake Lumot just before getting a flat tire.

Total mileage / time: Swim = Zero, Bike = 190 kilometers, Jog = 2 hours

Caliraya Lake
Lake Lumot near Caliraya Lake

Caliraya Springs Golf and Country Club
Caliraya Springs Country Club

Cavinti Eco Park
Cavinti Eco Park

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