2013 Races I Missed to Post Part 1 - Tri United 2 2013

Playing catch-up blogging this time of the year for some races I joined last year.

Tri United 2 2013
Having fun yet begging my legs to go faster - Tri United 2 - 2013

Tri United 2 distance was 2K swim, 60K bike, 15K run at Playa Laiya in San Juan, Batangas. I had a great swim by my own standard, not fast of course, but to me it's quite on the money to exit the water in 37 minutes.

I was a bit lacking on the bike leg. Can't think of anything I did wrong during my taper week but the legs weren't quite up to the task. I was, and still am a slow rider so it was ugly when I felt my legs getting heavy early on the bike. It was 3 loops and I noticed how fast other riders were passing me. There were aid stations on the route with energy drinks and bottled water distributed as riders slow down to get some. I was still lucky to get it done in 1:52.

Then came the run on a rolling terrain. I started slow and couldn't get to level up a notch so I could gain some ground on other age-groupers. I was waiting for the 'second wind' to kick in but it never came. It got uglier when at about 12 kilometers I felt my heart was beating faster than it's supposed to, I stopped for a moment then continue as the rain blessed us. I loved that I got to run in the rain. :-) Ran 1:16 for a total of 3:46 which was a far 18th in our age group. I was 26 minutes behind the first finisher.. booo! Haha just kidding, I was happy though to see the finish line (who doesn't).

Triathlon takes a lot of time to figure out and this race proved that I was not good enough in prepping for a race. I was familiar with the route yet that meant nothing when the gun was fired.

Finished on a Ramp with Red Carpet - I LOVE THIS GAME!

To all of you who are going to this race be sure to be there early for the parking lot. Don't know about the parking scheme these days though.

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