What I Learned: Part 3 Triathlon

1.   It is better to start at the front.
2.   I use shorter strokes when the water has strong waves.
3.   I put my goggles strap under the cap.
4.   I wear Speedo Jammers instead of tri shorts.
5.   Few triathletes swim with bare torso.  I’m one the few.
6.   I always think I am forgetting something when leaving transitions 1 and 2.
7.   I find it better to come early and have a good parking space and not stress about the whole process of pre race rituals. (timing chip, marking, briefing, bike transition, picture taking etc.)
8.   More than 50 percent of the race is spent riding the bike.  I got used to getting passed by.
9.   I never used my cycling shoes even at the White Rock Triathlon.  I bought the pedals and shoes specifically for WRT and future races but I wasn’t comfortable with it.
10. I mark my wrist with my goal time for T1 exit, T2 exit and finish time.
11. Transition 1 takes forever to complete.
12. The run leg is always tough to anticipate; I don’t know when my ITBS will be there to accompany me.
13. No matter how many times I say to myself to get ready to smile when approaching the finish line, I still forget to do so at times.
14. It is always a pleasure to see the marshals guiding the triathletes.
15. Triathlon events are very well organized in general.
16. I have never done any long run, long swim, and century ride yet.
17. A very big THANK YOU to the photographers on site sharing their photos.

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