What I Learned: Part 1 Duathlon

1.   The second run in a duathlon is the most punishing run I have ever experienced.
2.   Doing modified one legged squat and leg raise exercise can help in strengthening leg muscles specific to duathlon.
3.   Since I am a slow rider I put everything on the run.
4.   On my first race I wore a tight fitting racer back undershirt on a cold morning and I froze.  Now I wear muscle shirt instead.
5.   I always end up 20 minutes off the leader in our age group.
6.   Road humps are the enemies.
7.   With many triathlon events cropping up I might not join a duathlon again.  The second run is just too much for me.
8.   Hydration station is always abundant in supply of both water and energy drinks in this kind of race.

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