What I Learned: Part 4 Training

1.   There are a lot of training plans which you can follow.  Some may not work but there’s always more than one plan or program that will work for you.
2.   Don’t hurry on your base training.  It takes more than a year to reap its benefit to the fullest.
3.   Do what you think your body can absorb.
4.   Gradual progression in both intensity and duration of workout is the best way to not get injured.
5.   Progression can wait.  You are not required to go long you are just having fun.
6.   Remember that in triathlon half the time is spent on the saddle.  Get those bike legs burning.
7.   When it is too cold to swim, do not swim.
8.   Know when to stop and rest.
9.   Periodization can help.
10. Know your nutrition plan.
11. Warm up by doing your workout slow and easy for the first 5 to 10 minutes.
12. Sign up for a race that can motivate you.
13. Have a workout diary.  Monitor your progress through the record that you logged in your worksheet.
14. Do not be overconfident with your work schedule, something may come up and you may not find a time to train.  Be prepared for this kind of thing.

15. Getting a coach should always be considered.

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