Train Easy... Race Hard

triathlon philippines
Let there be more races to come!  HELLO 2013!

Most Satisfied Race in terms of result and organization:  ADIDAS KING OF THE ROAD - it made me realize that I can carry the speed to some extent. 16.7K run in 1:17

Most Sufferfest Race:  NAGT Leg 1 Subic - My first open water swim was horribly slow and my ITBS was at its max, both legs were hurting for 9K.  1.5k-40k-10k in 3:08 at the back of the pack

Most Fun Race:  ANIMO Sprint Tri - Without much training I didn't try too hard but got a very pleasant surprise time of 1:58 good enough for 5th place in my age group. 900m-30.2k-7.1k

Most Ridiculous Race: An aquathlon organized by college kids for their project requirement - with a distance of 300m swim followed by 800m run they might as well just excluded the run portion.

Longest Race:  White Rock Triathlon - 2k-91k-20k

Most Humbling Experience Race:  a local 12k run - with less than a hundred participants I was sure I'll land in the top 10 if I can survive the first 6k of uphill run but with a run time of 60m I came in at 44th meaning most guys and gals were running at speeds more than 12 kilometers per hour!

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