Road To Bohol Part 2

I still have 3 weeks to train till the race. But wait is it really a race? To me it's a celebration of sorts for all the days I spent jogging, riding, and swimming. It is a culminating event where I get to enjoy a whole day's worth of workout: a nice bath in the sea, a ride on a scenic route and a sunset run in one of the most beautiful islands we have.

On my 2nd Big Day Workout

By this time I think I am pretty much ready to do the distance albeit in a slow way. I have done the requisite workouts that I think I need to gain confidence. I finished a half distance triathlon last October 26. I've had a week of race specific workouts last November 3 to 9 that went like this; Monday: swim 3.8K and jog 40 minutes, Tuesday and Wednesday: rest, Thursday: big day workout - swim 3.8K, bike 150K, jog 1 hour, Friday: rest, Saturday: bike 180K, Sunday: rest. I had 4 rest days on that week though and I might say my body enjoyed every minute of it.

The foot injury that I got from tying the shoe laces too tight on a marathon last October 5 is finally healing and I went for a 20K jog last Monday. Right now my focus is to get ready for the remaining long workouts ahead of me; there are actually 4 long workouts on my schedule the last one being 12 days prior to the event.

On every long workout I just focused on my nutrition and the intensity was all easy. I think I've never done a hard workout since the first week of October. One thing that keeps creeping in my mind is that I should neither get sick nor injured hence the reason for low intensity exercises.

And for Part 2 of my Road To Bohol I think I've done some good strides since Part 1. I still have some work to do but the big ones were over and I'm glad I'm not cramming the training days left. 

Let's hope it'll translate to one fine day of swim, bike, jog.

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