Subic Bay International Triathlon 2016

April 17, 2016
1.5K - 40K - 10K

I think Subic Bay International Triathlon is the longest running triathlon race in the country. It's been a spectacle anticipated by most local triathletes for years until the boom of triathlon gave birth to a lot more races and somehow Subit is no longer in every triathlete's calendar.

Since it has been quite a while since race day and I had few photos of the event, my memory of the race is now diminished and honestly inaccurate.

I remembered how we waited on the shores of ACEA for quite some time because the gap between the wave of the elites and the age groupers was huge. I enjoyed the swim, I think I've swum here more than a dozen times and each swim is a joy except on IM70.3 2016 where I used a broken goggles.


The ride was unusual for me in the sense that I didn't see the faster local triathletes in the early stage but still they caught me and left me in their dust at some point.

The run was the easiest 10K in triathlon. It was a flat course along Waterfront Road which is a seaside street inside Subic Bay Freeeport. I had a nice run, it was fun to see how much I was gaining on other triathletes' advantage throughout the 3 loop run course. I finished in 2 hours 42 minutes inside Remy Field running oval which means I'm getting slower by each race HA! 

The souvenir shirt looked pretty. The photobooth wasn't busy at the time I finished and it produced an online photo with my finish time on it. The finisher medal looked a bit cheap to me but it's okay. There were few photos I could snatch on Facebook and unfortunately I had few photos to share too. Overall SuBit is still a race many would repeat especially the elites of triathlon.

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