With No Tri Bike I Bought A....... Road Bike Again

Why did I buy a road bike and not a tri bike?

In all of my racing events I've never used a time trial bike or a tri bike. I knew that tri bikes were more aero and the rider position was best for triathlon especially the non UCI compliant bikes. Tri bikes were simply FAST, period. Contemplating on buying a new bike as a reward to myself for finishing an Ironman event, it was never a hard choice between a road bike and a tri bike. I knew that I could go faster on a tri bike in non drafting races and for that reason alone I considered it but still I wanted to have a new road bike instead of a tri bike and here's the reason: STI levers. I always ride out with my bike and the safety and comfort of having both the brakes and shifters right at my fingertips was a pure joy. 

Giant TCR Advanced 1 KOM - snappy

I bought a Giant TCR Advanced 1 KOM a week after IMPH. I replaced the wheels with Vision Metron 55, the tires with Continental GP4000s II 25c and the KOM cogs with 11-28. This bike handles really well, it looks cool, it feels fast but it actually isn't faster than my old aluminum bike. It corners predictably and brakes smoothly surprisingly better than my alloy rim Shimano Dura Ace wheelset. Giant TCR Advanced 1 KOM is a highly recommended bike in my opinion.

Shipped thru cargo

This bike is a lucky one for me; in it's first four events I finished first place twice (National Age Group and Subic Bay International), second place once (Niyogyugan Tri), and third place once (My Daily Collagen Tri). I am a slow biker but sometimes my bike split is enough to have a decent finish.

inspires me to ride

I thought I would smash the peloton at MOA... my tiny quads wouldn't allow me

bike to work

The Vision Metron 55 wheelset has a compression cap that needs to be tightened,
if you happen to own one and feels like you have a bearing problem you 
might just have to adjust the compression cap with an allen wrench

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