5 Reasons Why Self Coaching Could Be Good For You

If you know how to swim chances are you're contemplating on not hiring a coach in your immersion to the sport of triathlon.  Of course hiring a coach or joining a club with a coach is the best option but there are reasons why going it your way could be a good thing.

Crossing the finish line knowing that you've done it your way gives personal satisfaction

5 reasons why self coaching could be good for you

1. It's free.

2. Information is out there you just have to double check if it will suit you. In this age of the internet, google is your friend, youtube is your mentor, forum is your adviser and videocam is your eye. With lots of articles, training plans and videos out there you can follow a conservative plan and fine tune as you get to know more about yourself.

3. You know your capability. More than anyone else you know your schedule, your goal, your strengths, your weaknesses and even your nutrition intake.

4. You know the reason why you're doing triathlon. You may be here for the love of racing or to attain a specific fitness goal. You may be doing this to release stress or to exorcise some demons in your head. Regardless of what your motivation is, you know them and you can use them to dig deep when something goes against your plan.

5. It feels good that you reached your goal doing it your way. While everything seems to be difficult like correcting the stroke and form, the scouring for information, the interviews with veteran triathletes - the satisfaction is immense once you cross the finish line.

If you decide to go this route like I did, be sure to have a plan and be conservative in both intensity and duration. HAPPY TRAINING!

Training with friends in beautiful places makes it easier

Running with your kids makes them like what you are doing

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