To Go Clipless Pedal or Not

I am such a newbie or a sissy for that matter.  After a year of riding my bikes I still don't use clipless pedal.  So what's for the holdover?  I was and still am afraid of that dreaded 'SEMPLANG'.  Funny as it may seem but yes Pinoy Triathlon uses running shoes when training and racing.  I guess being so far out against the seasoned triathletes aspiring for a podium was not in my list and going clipless where I'm not comfortable to wear may just stress me out.  Something that's against my goals - to finish and relieve my stress.  But why am I writing about this? Well, I have a plan to join White Rock Triathlon and it's kinda long 2K-90K-20K so I guess a shoe upgrade is just a necessity; something that must be done like wearing a trisuit that until now am still not wearing.  But as much as I don't see the need for a trisuit yet, going clipless is a no brainer barring the phobia for bike crash.  So the contemplation is over.  I'll go with clipless pedal and hammer out on the bike leg before WRT.  Who knows I may be on the podium - NOT! Cheers.

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