Last year was a learning experience for me with more than a handful of different races that I joined.  The knowledge gained was a lot and some of it led me to think of the values of fitness that multi-sports has given me. As I move forward hoping to get faster and race longer there are certain things I vow not to do this 2013.

don't run fast baby boy! triathlete
Duathlon is brutal to my legs... gotta take care them legs

1.  I won't try to run fast on fun runs with distances going over 10K. - I find running a bit hard on my body more so on parts that already went through some nasty injuries when I was younger so running hard or fast is kind of counter productive to my health goals.

2.  Chasing personal records is off the book for now. - It gave me tons of satisfaction whenever I achieve a new level of 'being fast' but sometimes it is the best recipe for disaster and again this ain't a healthy option.

3.  No duathlons for now. - This sport is excruciatingly painful for a wimpy triathlete like me. ITBS and all.

4.  I'll be choosy. - Maybe not the kind of choosy that comes to your mind.  I'll choose the races that will complement my ultimate goal whatever that goal is. Last year I wanted to do good at White Rock Triathlon and my injuries from a tune up fun run limited me in some ways... so maybe it wasn't the run but how I got carried away with the tune up. be continued

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