Off Tangent Tuesday - December Is A Non Training Month For Me :P


After my last races were canceled and postponed I got disinterested with training. I still have a couple of races in the near future but I don't even like to hit the road and prepare for those events namely Challenge 70.3 Philippines Tough and IM 70.3 Subic. Nothing seems to motivate me right now and the weather here is really cooperating. It seems futile to expect a sunny day and the coldness of the day render swimming not even worth imagining. Maybe it'll turn around in January but for the moment let me enjoy December without the sweat and panting.

Triathlon Philippines
Badminton Club Party

Enjoying The Christmas Atmosphere At The Malls

Neil Ong
Catching Up With Friends

Despedida, Welcome, Birthday and Christmas Party All In One

Enjoying The Nightlife

Warehouse Inventory

Visiting My Good Friend and Attorney

Familiarizing With Pugs

triathlon philippines
My Daughter was Accepted In My Alma Mater: Studying The New Campus

Renovating and Decorating

Tried A New Branch That Opened Near Our Home

Looking For Old Photos: Ancestral House (diesel was 18 centavos per liter)

Indulging In Sweets

Watching T.V. Series on The Net

Neil Ong
Keeping My Toes From Getting Cold

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