Goals and Race Course - Challenge Camsur 2015

Challenge Triathlon advertised the Camsur course as the fastest in the land. Starting with a color coded seeded waves for the swim, the course offers a higher probability to beat your Personal Record. The bike course is almost flat with only 23 meters of elevation gain and the run route is a fast mix surface that'll be kind to the legs (they say ;)). Coupled with an assortment of nutrition needs along the race course, everything is set up to get that two letters - P.R.

I wrapped up my training yesterday with a short swim bike run workouts and although I didn't have a long ride going into Challenge Camsur my weekly mileage was pretty good. So now comes the part where I try to guess my finishing time. In the past I always get this wrong big time. Unlike in a standard distance race, where I would be near 2:30 and miss by a couple of minutes, the difference between my goal and reality was disappointingly huge. But you know, a guess is a guess and this time would be no different.

With an easier route than my last IM 70.3 race in Subic where I finished in 6:07, Challenge Camsur should be at least twenty minutes faster. My goal is to finish in.... 5:40. Here is the breakdown:

Swim and Transition 1 - 40 minutes
Bike and Transition 2 - 2 hours and 55 minutes
Run - 2 hours and 5 minutes
Total = 5:40

Of course I could totally miss by miles and finish nowhere near 5:40 but hopefully I'll enjoy the experience as I enjoyed the training. 

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