New Gears

I've had my share of misfortunes in choosing the right running shoes a couple of times already. Last year I bought two pairs that were both uncomfortable to run with. I always use an extra insole to cushion the impact and it is the reason why I find it hard to get kicks that's right on the money. For it to work properly the shoes should be light and be able to accommodate the insole while still providing room on the toe well and height on the ankle.

Last Monday I ended up buying a New Balance 1980 Zeta. It is light and lights up the day with its color :). I got a size bigger than my usual NB shoes. 

From my two shoe mistakes last year I learned that weight really matters and toe box is just as important. With the newest hit from NB I discovered that the width from ankle to mid part and shoe drop are quite important for the stability of an extra insole :(. They shouldn't have replaced the old 1090 version 2 with a v3 or v4 so wouldn't be looking hard for a nice fit - some designs aren't meant to be replaced because they're just perfect.

The Speedo Mariner is now being phased out according to the salesperson who entertained me. I was looking for something that has a similar strap and ended buying a Biofuse training goggles. 

First impressions - my new goggles fits too tightly around the eyes when pressed to avoid water leak but on the good side it is the easiest pair to adjust the strap. I feel that the Mariner is better in open water swim even if it is just a leisure model for the brand. I'll know soon enough on Challenge Camsur though. 

The latest gear I acquired is the sunglasses. It doesn't seem like a big deal but my experience on Tri United 3 suggested otherwise. At that moment I thought it was the way I trained with a folding bike and how I was riding upright most of the time but now as I analyze how I came prepared for TU3 yet suffered a bad neck on the bike, I think it's the glasses that did me in by using my 'japorms glasses' I ended up looking more upwards than I usually do.

The glasses I got doesn't speak of my taste in style they're just been bought for functional reason and of course I'm a cheapskate. 

Depending on how it will perform or how I perform with these new gears on my workouts, I may or may not use any of these in Challenge Camsur on June 14. Race day is fast approaching, these are too new to gamble with and I'm not a gambling man. 

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