Where It All Began

I had an interesting surprise last week from FB. In our Puro Tri group chat where literally hundreds of messages are posted each day by only a handful of members ;) , Lloyd our mamaw triathlete in the group, offered free race entry to Challenge Camsur courtesy of RaceDay Magazine. I was sick at that moment and only three weeks away from gun start but it's free entry to 'Where It All Began' we're talking about. I grabbed a slot and went to the doctor for a check up.

From a screenshot of www.challengecamsur.com

'Where It All Began' is the tag line of Challenge Camsur happening on June 14, 2015. The venue is generally believed to be the place where triathlon started to see its phenomenal growth due to Ironman 70.3 brand of race that was held there some years ago.

The plan is to make sure I have no fractured bones from a minor accident that happened last January. I actually did two half distances before I decided to stop running in March. The X-ray results on my foot are encouraging; although my ankle ligaments were torn during college days I have no fractured bones just inflamed parts that can go away. The wrist is another matter though, my right wrist has no more ligament or cartilage (don't remember which of the two). Doc said it's the reason why it hurt so bad and told me to use the aero bar often when on the bike to minimize the pain.

I know three weeks is too short of a preparation for a half distance tri but I've done it before on a harder course so I guess it most likely will boil down to how I execute on race day. I'm imagining I'll hold back on the bike and run-walk towards the finish line to give myself a better chance at finishing the race. But before that I have to deal with the swim, hopefully I'll be ready by then and start near the front of the pack. 

On the registration form there was a question about my expected finish time, I put a stretch goal of 5:45 but it could easily be 6:45 or worse DNF, arghh. 

About my cough and colds, it's getting better by the day and in fact I've done well on my first day of training - an hour on the bike trainer ;). 

Here's wishing for a safe and happy race on June 14. CWC here I come!

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