Maintenance Plan

Maintenance Workouts

When I was just starting with endurance sports it was always tough to get on with the structured plan I set after each sporting event especially if the race was a long one.

No matter how I prioritize my races it still was a struggle to continue with my laid out training plan. More often than not, I wouldn't sweat out for a couple of days... actually it's more like a week or so.

30 Minutes of Swim Time per Week

But going through a lot of these events I learned to accept that slacking after a race is totally fine with me. It is recovery, and in some cases it is an end to an old training regimen and a beginning of a new lower mileage maintenance plan.

As I claw my way back to triathlon, I am now beginning to condition myself with some sort of maintenance plan for the very simple reason that I don't have a race in sight just yet. So here I am not training for a race but just enjoying a low volume workout schedule just to keep myself ready for an eventual training period in the future.

Here is my usual weekly mileage for the time being:

Swim - I try to swim once a week for 30 minutes
Bike - I try to do one short casual ride on weekdays and a longish ride on weekends
Run - I try to run 3 to 4 times a week, each session lasts for only 20 minutes

This is a huge positive leap from something like not doing anything... duhh.

Bike Trainers are Nice but really Boring Stuff

To be honest, I am not worried that I wouldn't finish a race if given a three week window to train. My experience in endurance sports isn't vast but it's enough to feel the fitness that I acquired throughout the years will get me through somehow. Not every race of course, marathons and full I.M.'s aren't for three week preps but other than that I think it's fair game.

Speed is another matter though for me. Since I am not fast at anything, going even slower is a reality. I know I wouldn't be able to go hard in my current condition. Struggling to keep pace would be an understatement and gasping for breath... well, let's not go over there yet hehe.

If you are into triathlon and don't have a race in the near future I'd like to suggest to try only the workouts that make you happy because those are the ones that are sustainable, and feel good that you've done something to stay fit for your next training push. 

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