Kwebang Lampas Ride

Photos by Pot, Pong and Zaldy

Kwebang Lampas is a tourist destination in Pagbilao, Quezon. You can find it in a place called Lukang Cove in the Grande Island of Pagbilao. It's called Kwebang Lampas for a reason: the cave is actually a very short tunnel - through and through so 'Kwebang Lampas'.

A panoramic shot of the whole Lukang Cove Stretch

From the City of Lucena we rode for about 35 kilometers to reach the place but we still had to cross a small lake and traverse a trail to get there.

Almost There :P

We parked the mountain bikes on a local's house before boarding the boat. Lucky for me I didn't have clipless pedals on my mtb, I was wearing running shoes and my buddies were on their cleated shoes on a hike.

Waiting for our turn on the Boat Ride

Someone paid 105 pesos for each of us upon entering the place, it included the boat fee. I was a bit surprised that the place was packed with tourists. I was expecting fewer  people but the number of tents on the ground alone indicated otherwise.

With the boat passengers

From the shore I swam to get to the cave and exited at the other end before swimming back to the beach. With its white sand I think the place is a delight to swim in only problem is that it sits beside a huge coal fired power plant.

Start of a short trek towards Kwebang Lampas

The ride back home was too hot. We stopped and dined at Pong's house for a fiesta celebration and even had a 'take out' chicken upon leaving.

76 kilometers in and I was home sweet home.

Look at their shoes ;)

Here's a photo of the cave... but I guess you're looking at those bikinis, right?

The left hand side of the beach shows a lot more crowd

The extent of the white sand is shown on the background

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