Pilipinas Duathlon Leg 1 2016

Pilipinas Duathlon Leg 1
4K - 25K - 4K
Valentine's Day 2016
Nuvali, Sta. Rosa, Laguna

The first leg of a four part series begins at Nuvali. The place is arguably most suited for events like this. The run route is free of traffic and the bike route is wide. Nuvali is just a few kilometers from Metro Manila where most participants come from. It has parking lots and the starting line is a stone throw away from a newly built mall.

Crossing the finish line

In Pilipinas Duathlon Series this race is the shortest with the last leg being a standard distance race (10K-40K-5K) the longest. On race day the skies were clear, it was a perfect day for a short course event. There were about 900 participants which was quite huge compared to the last duathlon I joined in January. The transition area was the longest I've seen in a duathlon. 

A long transition area

The start of the race was a bit of a mess, I didn't even hear the gun start. It was already past the starting time (6:00am) anyway, so I wasn't surprised. I started near the front and made my way through the traffic easily. The first stage was over in 17 minutes.

Lining up for the breakfast and finisher shirt

There were no surprises on the bike leg. I was overtaken by a lot of the guys, the route was familiar, it was a sunny day ride on a beautiful place and had no idea who I was competing against. 


The second run was amazingly easy for some reason, it could be the lack of runners on the road or the lack of effort on the bike, either way there was no pain on my legs and feet, and the route was clear. The race was over in 1 hour 21 minutes good for second place in my age group.

Neil Ong
There were only two participants in my category LOL

Here are the things fulfilled by the event:
Finisher shirt
Finisher medal
Timing chip
Race number and stickers
Wrist tag for bike safety

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