5150 Subic Bay 2017

5150 Subic Bay 2017
June 4, 2017
1.5K - 40K - 10K

Regent 5150 medal

Start Of The Run Leg Just Outside Remy Field

Pinoy Triathlon
Finish Line Area At The Oval

Outdoor Shower

With Teammates Lloyd and Kevin - StickMan lacks quad muscles

triathlon time

Not Bad But I Was Expecting A Better Swim And Run Splits

I always have trouble with sighting especially on a counter clockwise route.
This is a rolling start and is potentially a problem for those who 
are racing for a podium finish. 

This is an easy and scenic route but the rain made the 
turnaround point near Transition 2 slippery,
too slippery in fact for some participants.

This is a flat course and I'm thinking I could run at least 46 minutes for the 10K 
but thinking is so much overrated ;) it's always way faster than reality.

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