What to Expect in a Swimming Competition

For non-swimmers who haven't been to a local swimming competition here are some things you can expect to see or do if you are about to watch or compete.

1.  Parking space is usually packed.
2.  Spectators' area is filled to capacity.
3.  Swimmers warm up for approximately 40 minutes.
4.  Introduction includes prayer, national anthem and welcome remarks.
5.  Events are posted so that swimmers know their 'heat number'.
6.  Swimmers are advised to go to the 'Ready Bench' if their heat number is near.
7.  'Time slips' are given to swimmers.
8.  Proceed to the pool officials with 'time slips' if 'heat number' is being called.
9.  Follow the instructions / whistle blows.
10. Dive, swim, finish.
11. Repeat from number five to ten for the next heat.
12. Wait for the awarding.
13. Swimming competition is almost always a 'waiting game' of sorts so bring something that will help to pass the time like magazines, books, camera, iPad and food.

For registration and clarification, proceed to official's table

Congressman Irvin Alcala welcomes the participants

Ready Bench

Official Timers

Waiting for the whistle


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