Bike Ride to Kwebang Lampas

50 k ride plus 3 k hike

We planned to ride our bikes to a local spot called Kwebang Lampas and see for ourselves why it got its moniker.  With few hit and miss instructions we got lost 'kami ang nakalampas'.  For almost 3 km we carried our bikes through mud along the wrong route, for every step I take and for every sweat I drop the more I wish my bike is made of light carbon.  After hiking with my bike on my shoulder I just felt really tired and decided to just come back the following week to get to our intended destination.  This is another one of those - 'charge it to experience moments' luckily we had fun.

Team Energy Power Plant

Carrying a bike for a looong way took a toll on my mortal body - still wearing my number 478 from subIT

3 muddy shoes and an even muddier wheel

sea is just over this hut

My brand new wheels on a very very wrong kind of road

The reclaimed area with soil coming from 'that hill'

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