Highlights of My K-Swiss Subic International Triathlon Race

SubIT 2012 Standard Distance Triathlon
Subic Freeport Zone
May 5-6, 2012

It all starts and ends here: Travelers Hotel - Race Pack, Briefing, Meals, T1 gear

1.  Check in at Grand Leisure Hotel
2.  Claim Race Packet and Timing Chip at Travelers Hotel
3.  Track Read of Revised Bike Route and Run Route
4.  Rappel at Tree Top Adventure while the Secretariat conducts a Race Briefing
5.  Look for additional Jelly Belly Sport Beans which was nowhere to be found
6.  Meet with my friend Reggie of Team Beacon for some Real Race Briefing
7.  Walk with my Daughter and Niece at Bay Area Beach and Transition 2
8.  Prep my Bike and Gears - Stickers, Tire Pressure, T1 and T2 Baskets
9.  List 'what to do after waking up'
10. Sleep - 12 midnight
11. List My Target Split Time on My Wrist
12. Go to T2
13. Go to T1
14. Start at First Wave by 6 a.m. with Sir Eric Buhain on my Right Side
15. Swim for 29 minutes
16. Ride for 1:33 including T1 and T2
17. Run for 52 minutes
18. Cross the Finish Line at 2:56 and forget to smile for the camera

Line up for Timing Chip

Rappelling at Tree Top Adventure

First Wave

Good Sign: Lots of Bikes at T1

Finish Line Near Waterfront Road

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